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Tobacco and vaping and cannabis - oh my!

Tuesday October 16 , 2018

As of 12:00 am on Wednesday, October 17, the smoking bylaw (which includes tobacco, vaping, and cannabis) changes from being able to smoke 5m from doorways, windows, and air intakes of buildings, patios, and bus stops to 10m. For more information, please refer to the City's smoking bylaw page.

The Old Strathcona Business Association is working closely with the City to try and make this transition as painless as possible, but as with any new initiative, there will always be a few hiccups. We ask if you have questions or concerns to direct them to, or call our office at 780-437-4182 so that these can be noted. 

OSBA met with the City last week and discussed upcoming changes to our neighbourhood to ease the transition period:

  • Smoking zones will be marked with 2 A-frame signs per affected block
  • Only smoking zones will be marked, there will be no signage indicating no-smoking zones at this point in time
  • The City is providing a street team who will be on Whyte Ave periodically for the first two weeks, providing more information to patrons
  • New ashtrays have been installed in the new smoking zones, but the existing ones following the 5m rule will stay up until October 17, where they will be removed starting at 8:30 am
  • All ashtrays will be cleaned/emptied the morning of October 17, starting at 5:00 am
  • The City will be upping the frequency of ashtray cleaning and cigarette butt litter collection to 3 times a week (Sun/Wed/Fri) for an initial period to keep our smoking areas clean

Where exactly are the smoking areas?

Here's a few maps that the City has provided for us (green indicates smoking zone):

82 Ave from 99 St to 101 St:

82 Ave from 105 St to 107 St:

82 Ave from Gateway Boulevard to 105 St:

82 Ave from 107 St to 109 St: