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When Snow Flies We Must DIY!

Wednesday November 01 , 2017

Glass Jars

As soon as we walked into the Antique Mall these little gems   caught our attention. These jars are so versatile and easy to  transform in many different creative ways. Right away I am thinking of turning one of these into a chic tissue dispenser to glam up my bathroom, or transform them into a candy bar to kick my next dinner party up a notch. Love candles? These jars make beautiful poured candles.


Bird Cage

The next treasure we stumbled upon on our shopping trip was this antique bird cage. This is a fantastic find and another big DIY trend we are seeing this fall. If you are a fan of Pinterest, you are well aware of the many beautiful transformations for these cages. One of our favourites is to create stunning plant holders. Whether you hang them on a feature wall or use it as a gorgeous center piece on your dining room table, you can’t go wrong with this DIY idea. Get even more creative and add some holiday decor, with some Christmas bulbs, garland, tree lights, and ribbon, you have a festival Christmas decoration piece that will be the talk of your holiday hangouts.



Wire Wood Frames

The next pieces that sparked our creative juices were these great old wire wood frames. Nothing screams vintage DIY like these beauties! These frames are great for creating photo collages and photo frames with just a little bit of handiwork and a great fresh paint or stain job. If you are up for a bit more of a DIY adventure, get your hands on a piece of wood (this will need to be cut-to-size). Now cover the wood in canvas fabric, you can then paint the canvas, write a meaning saying onto it, or even make as a gift with that special person’s initials on it. Once you have your canvas art ready, simply adhere it to the wire inside and you have beautifully vintage DIY artwork!


Full of DIY inspiration we headed on our way, but just before we left we saw that the Antique Mall also carries reloved Vintage Paint and in a variety of great vintage colours. A great buy for every DIYer wanting to keep that vintage feel to their projects.

DIY Tips & Tricks

1. Plan Ahead: Do a bit of research before you start your project. Get inspiration by taking a look through Pinterest and Houzz. There are also a great number of How-To videos that will help you be a DIY success!

2. Set a Budget: This not only means financially, but also plan how much time you want to invest in your project. If you have done your research, you should be able to determine a realistic idea how much to invest with your time and money.

3. DIY Products & Tools: Different finishes and materials require different products and tools to be used to create a beautiful, high quality result. Be sure to do your research and invest in the right products and tools for your specific job. 

4. Practice: Always make sure to have a scrap piece of material so you can practice your DIY skills before you undergo a new project. This will save you time, and money! 


Photography by: Bailey Richards