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Carolyn Dickson, Lady Dickson

“Carolyn is a caustically funny, caps-loving gif machine with worryingly intense fan obsessions that will likely lead to a stress-induced early death.”

– Jess Emsley

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Ten Thousand Villages 2017 Rug Event!

Monday April 24 , 2017

Pretty much everyone has been to Ten Thousand Villages, and if you haven’t, any time is the time to go! Starting April 28th through to May 14th, Ten Thousand Villages is hosting its annual Rug Event. Opening night, there will be an event to learn about the history and stories behind Bunyaad Fair Trade Rugs. This event is at 7pm on location. RSVP to reserve your spot at 780-439-8349.

Ten Thousand Villages an amazing company that lives and breathes all things fair trade. They have partnered with thousands of talented artisans all around the world, with the philosophy of helping build a sustainable future through kindness, respect, and fair pay. This specific rug event showcases the work of families from Pakistan making handmade rugs. Ten Thousand Villages has the highest level of quality for each rug as the makers are proud of what they do and want to show their skills.

Pending what kind of rug you’re looking at, it could take 4-5 artisans working 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, roughly 14 months to complete ONE rug. They are one of a kind, intricate, beautiful, and will last generations.

For more information on the rug event, fair trade, and Ten Thousand Villages, check out their website at