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Danielle Fuechtmann

Danielle is a design student and freelance writer; she is passionate about combining stories with beautiful design. Editor-in-Chief of the NAIT Nugget, she loves books, the internet, sharply tailored blazers, and Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night album. She has a huge lipstick collection and a drawer full of stationery for sending snail mail. Danielle is a stickler for fixing crooked paintings, using soup spoons, and is a fan of the Oxford comma.

You can learn more about her and her work at and you can often find her at fashion events around the city. Follow her on twitter ( or instagram ( to get a glimpse into her wardrobe and sketchbook or her most recent local adventures!

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Nextfest Launches in Old Strathcona

Tuesday May 31 , 2016

Edmonton’s festivals are an incredible way to discover new artists and find new favourites; this week, Nextfest kicks off its latest season with another amazing lineup!

Karimah by Indy Randhawa

Nextfest was started in 1996 by the Theatre Network; founder and first Festival Director Bradley Moss’ vision for the festival was to offer a producing platform for the playwrights of the “neXt generation”, a nod to Generation X. Now an 11 day festival featuring over 700 artists, the festival has become a vibrant celebration of upcoming artists. The festival is now multidisciplinary, featuring theatre, dance, visual art, music, and more thanks to a curatorial team with programmers who are dedicated to each discipline.

Mat Simpson

Steve Pirot, Festival Director, says that new and upcoming talent is the essence of the festival. “Every year is an education,” he says, “ Every year we get introduced to new musicians, writers, performers, visual artists. While it is exciting and rewarding to see artists that had been featured at Nextfest go on to subsequent success, we think that welcoming new artists into the Nextfest fold is even more rewarding.” It’s a valuable opportunity for young artists to meet much earlier in their careers, building connections in complementary disciplines and mediums that push their ideas further. The festival offers an opportunity for the next generation of artists to showcase their work and “meet, collaborate, and plot their ascendency.”

The Fortrelles by Andrew Paul

Pirot recommends attendees come seeking a surprise; ignore the reviews, he says, and see as much as you can. “The spirit of Nextfest is very much about investing in unknown commodities, and giving untested work an opportunity. Be curious. Take a risk. Embrace the newness, the untestedness, the rawness. To make the most of Nextfest you should try and see everything you can, especially if it’s something with which you have no experience. The artists and their work are new, so join the club. Be a new audience.”

Nextfest runs from June 2 - 12, 2016 at over 28 venues. The full schedule, artist bios, and tickets are available at