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Varsha Salvi, Design For Soul

My name is Varsha Salvi and I'm a designer and creator of DESIGNFORSOUL.COM, a lifestyle blog. It's my corner of the internet where I share my DIY projects, styling projects, artwork, recipes, and a creative collective of my inspirations and ideas around design.

I am also a self-taught artist and you can find my paintings on my website and in some stores and café’s here in Edmonton.
Apart from blogging and painting, I also work in art direction and photography.





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Discover the Gama Cafe - It's a Whole New World

Tuesday December 29 , 2015

Hello readers! I’m Varsha from and new to Edmonton. My husband & I have recently moved here from Houston, TX. So far we’ve loved exploring this city and living in the Old Strathcona District neighborhood.  It’s fun, lively and there is so much activity here. Also, it’s filled with tons of restaurants and café’s. Just the other day I came across this cute little Taiwanese spot called Gama Cafe on Whyte Avenue. As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with the interiors. It had a very parisian vibe with mint walls, white panels, crystal chandeliers and pink tufted velvet couches.

To my surprise not only did they serve teas, coffees and desserts but also savory items like risottos, salads and pastas! Perfect right? The other side of the cafe had an old Hollywood glam decor with these huge gold semi circular couches. With light music going on in the background, it was a perfect place to spend an afternoon.
I went for the creamy basil risotto and it was delicious. I also got some free cookies with my coffee. :)

If you ever visit the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada – I would definitely recommend this place. They have even started serving a new breakfast menu, which includes waffles, crepes, chocolate towers, kakigori matcha desserts and more delicious goodness.

Weather it’s spending an afternoon alone with a book or having brunch with your friends and family or even just stopping by for a nice hot cup of tea, this café is definitely worth your money and time.