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Entry Level Sales Position at Sanctuary Curio Shoppe

Sanctuary Curio Shoppe

Please only apply if you are serious about this position. We are looking for a person that meets the following requirements:

-Sales ability, this is an active sales job. You must be able to talk to people and help them find what they are looking for.
-Always on time, this is a super strict policy of ours
-Must be available to fill our schedule needs.
-Friendly and a genuinely nice person with good morals.
-Ready to work, and to continue to work as the day progresses. Always keep busy and find something to do. We are not looking for someone who just stands around.
-Be prepared. Someone who shows up with their coffee and lunch and all the things they need to get through a day.
-Versatility, we need someone who is able to move from task to task and drop what they are doing as soon as a customer walks in.
-independent, someone who can use common sense and think of solutions themselves, someone who knows how to fill their day with important tasks, not just waste it away with their own agenda.
-We need an employee who is honest, hardworking, and truly awesome. If you know that you are all these things, please come apply with Resume in person at the store. Hand written cover letter can really make you stand out.

This is an entry level Sales position starting at minimum wage with rapid advancement for the right team member.


Posted Date: 8/26/2014
Type: Full Time
Wage: Minimum Wage to Start

Ways to apply

  • Drop Off Resume at Store