Heart Sangha

“Building a Sangha, supporting a Sangha, being with a Sangha, receiving the support and guidance of a Sangha is a practice…when you build a Sangha that has happiness, joy and peace, you’ll see the element of holiness in the Shangha.” — Thich Nhat Hahn.

It is believed that being a part of a spiritual community; a tribe of like-minded souls, is essential to us fulfilling our purpose here on Earth. At Wellness on Whyte we specialize in helping our clients connect more deeply and healthily with themselves through a variety of body care and holistic, vibrational support that helps build more balance from the inside-out. The support we are dedicated to offering helps clients move more peacefully out into the world with greater, more vibrant health in so many respects.

In the spirit of our efforts to help cultivate more mind-body-soul alignment for everyone we serve, and for ourselves as the WOW Team, we now offer a humble Heart Sangha every Monday evening. During these increasingly challenging times economically, socially and globally, we are pleased to offer sanctuary in this way as well – by sharing peacefully in meditation.

Join us for one quiet hour of connecting in community using guided meditation and heart-focused teachings. As we deepen our self-experience with awareness and compassion using meditation practices, we have so much more to share with others, and to bring to life in the world. Doing so in Sangha adds richly to these rewards. From our hearts to yours, we do hope you will join us.

Heart Sangha has endless healing benefits! Heart Sangha is perfect for you if you want to:

  • quiet your mind
  • master your emotional response to the world around you
  • deepen your inner journey
  • increase your self-compassion and care for others
  • ease the impact of trauma, grief and loss
  • deal more effectively with depression, anxiety, anger and stress
  • increase your motivation for self-care
  • decrease destructive behaviours
  • regulate stress hormones and increase your physical wellbeing
  • be more peaceful and bring more peace to the world
  • face stress head-on and still remember who you are
  • increase your energy reserves
  • appreciate yourself more
  • really give yourself a break

Our Heart Sangha Offering
We gather Monday’s at 6:30 pm for 1 hour in the Green Room at Wellness on Whyte

Sangha Guide, Alanna Prather

Suggested donation $20.00

Format: varied heart-focused breathing & meditation techniques, music/sound healing.


Business: Wellness on Whyte

Date: May 22, 2017

Time: 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM

Event Type: Community

Price: $20

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