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  • Your legal matters handled with respect, loyalty and equanimity.

    Practice areas include:  Wills & Estates Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, Family Law, Surface Rights Law, and Civil Litigation.  View profile for more details.

    Practice Areas:

    • Wills & Estates Law

    Wills, Personal Directives, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Applications, Estate Planning, Estate Administration including Applications for Probate or Administration and Passing Accounts, Estate Litigation

    • Corporate & Commercial Law

    Contract Review, Contract Drafting, Incorporation, Shareholders Agreements, Corporate Resolutions, Minute Books, Partnerships

    • Family Law

    Divorce, Child Support (including Child Support Variation), Spousal Support (including Variation), Matrimonial Property Division, Adult Interdependent Partner Support (including Variation), Interjurisdictional Support Order Applications

    • Surface Rights Law

    Review Compensation, Recover Unpaid Rent, Seek Compensation for Damages or Losses

    • Civil Litigation

    Assert your rights with court proceedings, or defend an action commenced against you

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    Member, Law Society of Alberta


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