The Capoeira Academy

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  • Edmonton, AB
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  • Welcome to the Capoeira Academy, your source for all things Brazil in Edmonton.  The Capoeira Academy provides Afro-Brazilian dance, martial arts, music classes and entertainment.  We have classes for everyone - kids ages 5 and up, youth, adults, beginners to advanced.

    Capoeira grew out of a time of oppression during the period of slavery in Brazil.  Capoeira was a way for the slaves to express themselves through music and dance.  Secretly, the slaves disguised the cunning of the martial art within the movements of the dance, to "trick" their masters.  Today, it is practiced around the world and continues to be used as a means of self-expression and empowerment.  Capoeira incorporates fluid and dance like movements with acrobatics, feints and kicks, creating an ever-evolving and playful game. 

    The Capoeira Academy brings together allaspects of Afro-Brazilian culture and history, providing students with the opportunity to explore the various art forms such as: Samba, Maculêlê, Samba-Reggae, Orixas, etc.  Come and immerse yourself in the energy of Carnival and Brazil with a FREE class!

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