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  • Like most awesome companies out there, Print Machine started with an idea which at the time seemed a little crazy and unachievable. We wanted to be able to walk into a retail store, pick any item off the shelf, customize it and make it your own. We are here to help you in the creative process, which is why we do not put a limit on what we print, or what we will print on. Sometimes we won’t have exactly what you are looking for, however we can always find it for you.

    Have you ever wanted a get a custom on-off t-shirt with say…your face on it to give to a friend for a special occasion? Or what about a customized dish for your favourite furry friend to eat from? Or you can get really crazy (or crazy smart) and have custom drink cozy’s with everyone’s names on them to use at the cabin. Print Machine is here to make your life more fun! We can put almost any image or graphic on a variety of products that you would normally have to purchase hundreds of. That is another thing that makes us different; you can get a single product or thousands. From custom t-shirts, hoodies, lighters, cellphone cases, record sleeves, drinkware, and promotional products. We don’t limit ourselves to what we can print, so why limit yourself to the standard designs those other “custom” t-shirt stores carry? You think it, we ink it!

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    7 day, no return on custom or printed products

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    PPPC - 201220906 ASI - 202503


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