Old Scona Academic High

  • 10523 84 Avenue  
  • Edmonton, AB
  • T6E 2H5
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Old Scona's legacy of academic excellence supports the school's focus as a university preparatory school. Our graduates have worldwide access to a multitude of universities. At Old Scona, we believe that a credible education is the only investment that can ensure no diminishing returns!

    Old Scona Academic high school was established in 1976, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to challenge students who went above and beyond the expected standards. We have been successful ever since. Our graduates have regularly entered the best universities of the world. This has always been because of their hard work and dedication; however, coming to OSA certainly assisted them in realizing how to work hard and succeed.

    The school's purpose is to provide motivated students who have demonstrated success and potential for growth with an opportunity to pursue a program of studies that challenges and enriches their learning experiences. As such, we are committed to:

    • challenging students in their development of academic discipline and excellence
    • enhancing their skills in language arts, the humanities, mathematics, the sciences, athletics, and performing arts
    • encouraging their development of the higher level cognitive skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
    • promoting the characteristics of active and responsible citizenship
    • developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to pursue lifelong learning
    • fostering tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of people regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, or lifestyles

    With a population of only about 350 students, it is clear that we have thrived. Achieving the things we have achieved is definitely no simple task. Our students always look forward to new challenges and often prosper by overcoming them.

    By now, you may think that this is a school whose only concern is academics. This is not true. We have many clubs, activities, and sports teams. We also excel in areas such as debate and performing arts.


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