Foosh Audio and Apparel

  • 10544C Whyte Avenue  
  • Edmonton, AB
  • T6E 2A4
  • Limited Handicap Accessible
  • Starting off as a small, independent t-shirt company, Foosh blossomed into its own entity in 1999.  It was that year that the company made its debut on the streets of Whyte Avenue in Edmonton as a tiny store above a skate shop. Foosh is the proverbial “lovechild” of two friends, Justin Der and Rob Clarke.  Having both been a part of the early 90s rave scene, they felt that Edmonton needed the best of both worlds: fashion and music combined in one shop.  After solidifying their concept, Foosh was born.

     Today, Foosh can easily be considered one of Canada’s last remaining shops that incorporates lifestyle clothing as well as an in-house record shop and (Treehouse Records), selling strictly vinyl of all types of electronic music to DJs locally, as well as all across the country.

    Community involvement has always been a focal point of the shop, and Foosh is continually raising that bar by being a local event ticket outlet and sponsor, as well as a major contributor to the city’s art scene by showcasing customized toys like Munnys, and selling tees designed by local artists.

    Now in their twelfth year, Foosh has grown in unimaginable ways. From a basement t-shirt operation to a local mainstay, the Foosh name has evolved from little-known to international, all thanks to the persistance of two friends with the same dream: to change the world with t-shirts and records.


    • Mon : 11:00am - 7:00pm
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    • Sun : 12:00pm - 5:00pm

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