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Danielle’s love for the internet is tied with her fondness for pretty dresses, blazers and her collection of lipstick. Her enthusiasm for etiquette books and proper manners has led her to form strong opinions about the use of soup spoons. Having grown up around home renovations, Danielle’s miscellaneous knowledge includes how to frame a basement and hang drywall.

She can be found writing about fashion and other things at, and you can usually find her at fashion events around the city. Follow her on twitter ( or instagram ( to get a glimpse into her wardrobe and other local adventures!

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Building a Fashionable Community - Suka Clothing

Friday September 18 , 2015

Image from Suka Clothing.

Designer Alisha Schick is one of Edmonton’s favourite local designers, loved for Suka Clothing’s gothic cool collections. She’s an active member of both Edmonton’s fashion community and Old Strathcona, thanks to her close relationship with Whyte Avenue boutique Bamboo Ballroom.

Schick’s relationship with Bamboo Ballroom and the Old Strathcona community has had a huge influence on her collections and career as a designer; her relationship with Bamboo Ballroom goes back to her beginnings as a designer and she credits their encouragement and support as being a key to Suka Clothing’s success. Old Strathcona and Whyte Avenue is a special place, Schick says it’s a “[unique place] celebrating and supporting local designers to create a community and a conversation around supporting local...Events like the Shop Hop and customer appreciation events generate new consumers and bring extra clients to the avenue. Many people are surprised when finding local so I think they enjoy discovering all the individuality that Whyte Ave has to offer.”

Image from Suka Clothing

Old Strathcona is home to many local events, including the twice-annual Western Canada Fashion Week that brings together designers, the greater fashion industry, and Edmonton’s most fashionable. These events are fun and inspiring for attendees but they also offer designers and creatives like Schick the opportunity to expand themes and concepts, connect with boutiques and consumers, build brand awareness and expand their audience, and take advantage of valuable networking and community-building opportunities.

This September, WCFW runs from Thursday, September 17 to Saturday, September 26 at the Trans-Alta Arts Barns. You can view the Whyte Avenue Showcase on Friday, September 18 or catch Suka Clothing’s new collection on Wednesday, September 23. Visit their site for more information about the shows and tickets.