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Have a Heart, Give Smart team - City of Edmonton

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City of Edmonton Panhandling - Alternative Giving Campaign

Monday August 19 , 2013

The City of Edmonton is again conducting the Panhandling – Alternative Giving Campaign from now until September 15, 2013.  Our campaign slogan is “Have a Heart, Give Smart:  It’s OK to say NO to Panhandling and YES to Giving”.

The “Have a Heart, Give Smart” program is a public awareness campaign about the choices people have when it comes to panhandling. Edmontonians are urged to give money to social services agencies rather than give directly to panhandlers.

• Edmontonians care about each other and want to help. Giving money to panhandlers, however, may not be the best way to help people.

• Giving money to panhandlers may discourage panhandlers from accessing community resources that can help.

• Giving money may also encourage panhandlers to work specific areas which could eventually lead to police intervention.

• Edmontonians are being asked to donate money to social service agencies that provide food, shelter and supports for people in need.

• Edmontonians are being asked to become more knowledgeable about panhandling and homelessness.


The “Have a Heart, Give Smart” car, donated by David Morris Fine Cars, will be around town this summer. Staff at the car will give information about panhandling and about the social agencies that provide free food, shelter and support. This is a City-wide campaign but the focus is in and around Old Strathcona and Downtown.

Phone 211 or go to for a list of agencies that accept donations on behalf of people in need and volunteer opportunities to provide support.

For more information— go to or contact Dorain Smith at 780-944-5530.