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Enjoy Your City

Thursday June 25 , 2015

I’ve always been a big advocate of knowing what's going on in the City you live in. One of my favourite past times is to surf the internet and look for upcoming events and activities happening in Edmonton. It's a great feeling when you stumble across an event you have never been to before. 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a really great quality to have is to know what is happening in your City. Why is this important you say? You can plan dates or activities at the drop of a hat and at the same time come across as a person who loves their home, is fun and knows what’s going on around town.  On top of that you’ll probably stand out as the one person in your office who has the most interesting weekends. I don't mean to brag, but I’ve noticed I have the most interesting weekends out of all the people I work with.

Compared to ten years ago or even when i was a kid it seems like Edmonton's art and festival scene has blown up recently. When you think of Edmonton festivals you normally think of Heritage Days, The Fringe and K-Days but over the past several years something interesting has really happened. Edmonton has become a major hub for the arts in Western Canada. More and more festivals have popped up. Some shed a light on local businesses while other raise awareness about important social issues.  In fact, National Geographic named Edmonton as one of the best places to visit during the summer. Don’t believe me? Check the link here. That's something all Edmontonions can be proud of!

So where am I going with all of this? I want to tell you about a festival that’s starting next weekend and about to enter it’s fourth year. I am talking about the Found Festival which offers a wide cross section of entertainment featuring dance, theatre, visual art, music, film and creative writing. What sets the Found Festival apart from other events we see throughout the year is the format in which its art is presented. It’s just like having a great meal. Isn’t a meal so much better when the presentation is great too? There’s a reason those cooking competition shows on the Food Channel evaluate the presentation and not just the taste!

The Found Festival takes something we all know art; and allows us to enjoy it in venues we wouldn't normally associate with art:  a funeral home, residential garage or even a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan. Not only that, but they've had musical performances played on rooftops (remember that episode of the Simpsons?), movies projected onto buildings and had plays performed on giant piles of snow in the middle of June. That shouldn't be surprising given how unpredictable Alberta's weather can be! 

Some of the performances are meant to be more intimate while others are enjoyed by a large group of people. Depending on what type of mood your looking for, chances are you’ll find it at the Found Festival.

While the festival has been around for several years, this year marks the beginning of many new firsts: a downtown venue, international guest performers, and shedding light on the effects of drugs on youth. This year's events include dancing through the River Valley, story telling in local shops and for you daters, a piece on the evolution of flirtation! In fact if you are going on a date to this festival, i would highly recommend you check out the evolution of flirtation. 

The Found Festival goes from June 25-28th, 2015. Each day will feature new performances, musical acts, art and new adventures. Over 100 artists will be featured at this year's festival. To purchase tickets and find out more information about the festival check out