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Restaurant Spotlight: Cafe Mosaics

Wednesday June 17 , 2015

- photo by Alex Scuccato

Cafe Mosaics is no longer an easily missed hole-in-the-wall on Whyte Avenue. The vegetarian cafe has been a meeting place for regulars for over 25 years and thanks to a recent renovation, a whole new crowd is discovering Cafe Mosaics for the first time. 

- photo by Jennifer Ho

The cafe owners who took over the space seven years ago wanted a fresh space that matches the food: down to earth, simplistic, and comfortable. The materials used for the renovation are reclaimed or restored and anything new is minimal and practical. The cafe was once only half the size, and if you pay attention to the different flooring, you can see the division between the old and neighbouring space they took over. The bright and cheery art on the walls is constantly rotating through local artists.

The space mirrors the food that is sustainable, thoughtful, and inexpensive yet still high quality. The menu is completely vegetarian and has many vegan options. They aren't against meat and welcome countless meat lovers every day, they just like the fun of making creative vegetarian options. Some menu items have been holding strong for over 25 years like the Secret Burrito, Tofu Clubhouse, and Curry Dinner.

- photo by Alex Scuccato

- photo by Pamella Heikel Said

So next time you're walking under the string lights on the sidewalk, take notice of the outdoor tables and the accordion windows opening up into the friendly space. Peek inside at the Cafe Mosaics sign made out of laser cut scraps from a junkyard, and stay for a while!