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TrackTown Canada

TrackTown Canada is a concept of striving to be the best at what the sport of track and field is all about. It acknowledges that this is the Canadian capital that globally showcases world-class athletics.

TrackTown Canada is a concept that is steeped with a rich track & field culture.

TrackTown Canada is where international focus on athletics in Canada will reside as Edmonton will host 18th 2015 Panamerican Junior Athletics Championships, the 2015 Canadian Track & Field Championships, the Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Track & Field Trials and Edmonton's Track Town Classic – currently ranked in the Top 30 in the World as an IAAF invitational/one-day meet.

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Wednesday May 06 , 2015

There will be an experience for all five senses this summer, as over 3,000 athletes will be competing in three major competitions over nine days at Foote Field. 

We're gearing up for a BIG summer as the Road to Rio runs through Edmonton!

Picture all of the flags waving, representing all of the participating countries, as the stands fill up with adoring fans.

Hear the gun firing, announcing the start of another intense race.

Enjoy as your taste buds will be in overdrive, indulging in the tempting foods from the onsite food trucks.

Stretch out your hand to high-five the winning athletes following their victories, touching greatness.

And smell that green grass that covers the field and the burm at Foote Field, the green strands bending over as shotput balls fall with a "thud".

Everyone is invited to come and experience world class track and field in our backyard. Join fellow track and field enthusiasts, athlete families and spectators to cheer on Canada in these three upcoming events:

Canadian Track & Field Championships: July 2-5, 2015
From July 2-5, Canadian athletes will be competing in the Canadian Championships. These are our future athletes, who are looking to represent Canada in Rio in 2016 at the summer Olympic games.

TrackTown Classic: July 11-12, 2015
On July 11 and 12, we welcome athletes from around the world for the annual TrackTown Classic.

Panamerican Junior Athletic Championships: July 31-August 2, 2015
August long will be filled with energy as over 700 athletes aged 17-19 compete in the Panamerican Junior Championship.

Join the Fun!
This is your chance to experience the best track and field athletes in your backyard! If you're a veteran of the sport or even someone who's never seen a pole vault, these events promise to deliver on a great experience. There is fun for the whole family with multiple track and field events taking place at each event, kids zone for family fun, beer gardens, food trucks, vendors and more. 

While the competing athletes are winning, you can be too! Check out the ticket information HERE, where you will be entered to win a $1,000 Old Strathcona shopping spree when you purchase tickets by June 30th, 2015. 

Bonus: Thanks for checking out and this blog! Comment below by July 12, 2015 at 11:59pm (mountain time) with the answer to your question: What is your first track and field memory?
... for example: "I remember the smell of the first grass I ever ran a race on" or "I'll never forget how loud we cheered as we watched my big brother win his first 500 meter race".

One male winner will be selected randomly to win a men's Timex Ironman watch and one female winner will be randomly selected to win a ladies' Timex Ironman watch.

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Name : Kim
Commented On : Thursday May 07 , 2015

I remember jumping the longest in long jump and then falling backwards to just a foot from the start. Darn! but no need to give me a ribbon just for participating it only added to my disappointment. I respect athletes and those who train to earn the medals.

Name : Megan Lamothe
Commented On : Sunday May 10 , 2015

My first memory is when I was in first grade I was proud I could do long jump better than a third grader.

Name : Kat
Commented On : Tuesday May 12 , 2015

I remember every spring in elementary school a whole day was a track and field match for the entire school.

Name : Brandon Zarnoth
Commented On : Monday May 25 , 2015

Hi! I wanna continue training for the decathlon now that I'm out of college. My all time best in the heptathlon was 5,425 and my best in the decathlon was 7,279! I was the indoor and outdoor national champion for division 3. If calculated with all my prs my best decathlon score would put me at 7,789. I just don't know how to get a coach to help me continue training.

Name : Nicole
Commented On : Monday May 25 , 2015

I remember going to school in the early morning during my elementary days to be taught how to pass and receive the baton.

Name : egide Ndayirukiye
Commented On : Monday May 25 , 2015

Member of 2012 and 2013 Manitoba legion nationals. But the most exciting memory is at the 2013 legionns when i get spiken really bad but still finished the race with a Personal Best

Name : Rachel Richards
Commented On : Tuesday May 26 , 2015

My first track memory is a DOOZY! I was in Grade 9 and signed up for the City-wide grade 9 track meet. I had never done a single event before and was so jittery when I lined up for the 100m hurdles. The gun went off and I gave it all I had. Halfway through I realized I was winning, I was really far ahead of all the girls. I was so excited and thought about my full hurdle career I had ahead of me. After the last hurdle I stopped and threw my hands in the air yelling "I won! I won!" Everyone in the stands was yelling "Go! Go!" I didn't know what they were yelling until the other girls caught up and ran across the finish line 10 m ahead of where I had stopped. I came in dead last. I was humiliated. But I didn't let that stop me. I went on to be a varsity sprinter in high school and University. I never did try the hurdles again though. Ha ha ha!

Name : Nick
Commented On : Sunday May 31 , 2015

I remember the hotdogs and ice cream cups after a long day of running!

Name : Oumar Salifou
Commented On : Sunday May 31 , 2015

My first memory would be running the 800m in the journal games at the Butterdome and falling right before the finish line

Name : Alia Barrington
Commented On : Tuesday June 02 , 2015

My first memoru is having track and field at elementary. The one year I cleaned house and pulled in a first place ribbon for the 400m and a few second and third place finishes. Track and field always signified the end of the school year so it was a happy time!

Name : Jonnie
Commented On : Thursday June 04 , 2015

I remember track and field day in elementary school. I was in Grade 2 and my family came to watch. I won a first place ribbon in a running race and was so proud.

Name : Daniella
Commented On : Friday July 10 , 2015

I remember running in the mixed 8x200m at journal games where I got so nervous running in the butter dome with so many people watching!