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Vickie Laliotis writes Adventures in Fashion, a personal style and DIY blog established in 2009. It chronicles her love of fashion through daily outfit posts, editorials, theme weeks and DIY projects, with a focus on inspiring readers to have their own fashion adventures. Featured in Teen Vogue, Flare Magazine, FASHION Magazine and many more, Adventures in Fashion is one of Edmonton's first style blogs and has been named as one of Alberta's top 10 fashion blogs by FASHION Magazine.

When she's not blogging, Vickie works as a freelance fashion writer and Social Seen columnist at the Edmonton Journal, and holds a regular spot on Fresh FM's Fashion Fridays segment.

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Valentine's with the BFF (and a CONTEST!)

Sunday February 08 , 2015

Spending some quality time with your girlfriends this Valentine's Day? There's no shortage of fun things to do with your lady loves around Whyte Avenue, so grab your besties and your fully-charged phone (hey, you're going to want to Instagram this), and let's go!

1. Fuel up // Any epic day spent with girlfriends requires coffee and a sweet treat (just me?), so kicking off your friend date at a cafe is always a good idea. Take this time to gab, formulate your game plan for the day and, most importantly, caffeinate. Personal favourites include Da Capo (8135 102 St.) and Block 1912 (10361 Whyte Ave.) for killer coffee and mouth-watering sweets, respectively.

2. Pamper time // Is there anything better than getting your nails did or treating yourself to a pedicure with your girlfriends? Along with shopping, I think this is the single best way to bond with your besties. So head on down to your favourite spa or nail salon — like Kool Nails (10107 Whyte Ave.), for example — and treat yo' selves! 

3. Shop around // Your nails are done and you're feeling fine, so at this point I figure a little shopping is in order. With your girls in tow, now is the time to hit up your favourite Whyte Avenue haunts for a little retail therapy. My personal favourites? Gravity Pope (10442 Whyte Ave.), Oak + Fort (10416 Whyte Ave.) and Workhall (10552 Whyte Ave.), hands down

4. Grab a bite // As fun as it is, there's nothing more tiring than an afternoon of shopping, and since your morning sugar rush is now long behind you, it's probably time to get some food with your friends. You can admire your freshly polished digits and review your purchases while feasting at your favourite spot — personally this is my favourite part of the day. Plus this is the perfect opportunity for girl talk, which is pretty much mandatory during a Valentine's friend date. Try El Cortez (8230 Gateway Blvd.) for an amazing meal with even more amazing people watching.

5. Catch a flick // Phew, you guys have had quite the day! My favourite way to wind down and relax (and after all the food at El Cortez,digest), is a movie, and The Princess Theatre (10337 Whyte Ave.) is a true gem. Their film selections are always amazing, and the theatre itself is beyond cute — it's the perfect way to end a perfect day. xx

Illustration via Izak Zenzou 

Enter to WIN! This Valentine's Day, we're sending you and your BFF out for dinner and shopping, valued at $300. Comment below with your favourite lady date in Old Strathcona and you're entered to win! Contest closes February 13, 2015 at 3pm. 

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Name : Diane Lee
Commented On : Monday February 09 , 2015

My favorite date with my BFF involves stops at my favorite shops (i.e. Workhall, Gravity Pope, Oak + Fort, Noul) followed by a froyo break before a movie at the Princess Theatre and finally drinks and snacks.

Name : Sybille
Commented On : Monday February 09 , 2015

We would start off with a nice breakfast at Artistic Bakery, then stroll and shop along Whyte Ave, grab a chai tea at Remedy Cafe, watch a matinee at the Princess and finish off with supper at Chianti

Name : jenna turner
Commented On : Monday February 09 , 2015

Definitely shopping! All the stores you've highlighted are my faves too. Maybe throw in some record shopping at Blackbyrd and poutine at the Next Act, and I'd be set!

Name : Kristin
Commented On : Monday February 09 , 2015

My ladies and I all met taking prenatal yoga at a studio on whyte, so if I were to take them on a date, we would go for a coffee to start at Starbucks, where we would go after every class. Following that, we would head for dinner at Famoso or Meat and get great conversation in before two of these ladies have their second babies in the coming months.

Name : Lisa
Commented On : Tuesday February 10 , 2015

Starting off with a chai at Remedy, we'd bundle up and head on over to Bamboo Ballroom. After trying some sweet outfits on and picking up some nice jewelry, we'd make our way to C'est Sera. From there, we'd probably take a break for lunch at the Next Act before moving on to the Avenue Clothing Company. Once we had finished up there, we'd stop at the Plaid Giraffe for a look at new purses before wrapping up with a tea at Cally's. All in all, a pretty great day!

Name : Rajni
Commented On : Thursday February 12 , 2015

Shopping up and down Whyte and seeing a movie at the Princess.

Name : Linh Nguyen
Commented On : Thursday February 12 , 2015

Shopping on Whyte Ave and having dinner at MKT

Name : Manon Lepage
Commented On : Friday February 13 , 2015

Starting with a latte or Americano at Da Capo (and maybe a scones- or two) to fuel up and plan – we’re getting stuff done and we mean business...! Getting a bit of shopping done around Old Strat, stopping by Original Apparel and Grand Slam for nice and original stuff. We should take care of our muscles and souls too, maybe a yoga class with the amazing yogis at Sattva? Definitely finishing at Meat because nothing says a lady-like BFF date like sipping Bourbon and licking cherry sauce off your fingers after sharing a platter of ribs, right? … right!?

Name : Andrea W.
Commented On : Friday February 13 , 2015

My favourite lady date is window shopping and strolling around the shops and then having a coffee at Starbucks!

Name : Sarah Perr
Commented On : Friday February 13 , 2015

I'd treat my BFFs to an amazing yoga class at True Yoga followed by something delectable at Black 1912. Maybe pamper our feet at Spasation before stopping into Off Whyte Floral Studio to grab a breath of Spring! Much needed! We'd definitely work up an appetite window shopping on Whyte Ave: Bamboo Ballroom, Blackbyrd, Bombshell Tattoo... We really have it all in Old Strathcona ;) Time to finish the day at Cafe Mosaic...

Name : Old Strathcona Business Association
Commented On : Friday February 13 , 2015

Thanks everyone for your entries! Congratulations to Manon, our Valentine's Winner! Watch for more contests throughout the year ... and Happy Valentine's Day!