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Vickie Laliotis writes Adventures in Fashion, a personal style and DIY blog established in 2009. It chronicles her love of fashion through daily outfit posts, editorials, theme weeks and DIY projects, with a focus on inspiring readers to have their own fashion adventures. Featured in Teen Vogue, Flare Magazine, FASHION Magazine and many more, Adventures in Fashion is one of Edmonton's first style blogs and has been named as one of Alberta's top 10 fashion blogs by FASHION Magazine.

When she's not blogging, Vickie works as a freelance fashion writer and Social Seen columnist at the Edmonton Journal, and holds a regular spot on Fresh FM's Fashion Fridays segment.

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Style Resolutions with Adventures in Fashion

Sunday February 01 , 2015

We all have an idealized version of what we would like the new year to look like, but for me, setting style resolutions is a far more fun exercise than resolving to make bigger life changes. Proper "resolutions" to get in shape or save x amount of money by some arbitrary date can put a lot of pressure on a person (I'm getting panicky just thinking about it!), so I employ a more user-friendly term when it comes to the real stuff — goals. But when it comes to dressing and curating a wardrobe, having "style goals" just doesn't sound right, now does it? Nope. Let's bring out the big guns.

1 // SHOP LOCAL. This is the eternal goal, is it not? We all know the merits of supporting local designers, artisans and boutiques, so for me, 2015 will be a year of more conscious and deliberate shopping. Now I'm not suggesting we cut out all trips to the mall or kick our online shopping habit completely, just that we consider what's in our own back yards first before looking elsewhere to track down that perfect shoe or blazer. My top local shopping destinations? Try Workhall (10552 Whyte Ave.), Bamboo Ballroom (8206 104 St.), Noul (8213 104 St.), Oak + Fort (10416 Whyte Ave.) or Gravity Pope (8222 Gateway Blvd.).

2 // PAIR DOWN. It may sound counter-intuitive to purge your closet when we're talking about building a wardrobe that you love, but hear me out: Clutter is your worst enemy. It's what keeps you from selecting that perfect item to finish off your look, and what leaves you completely uninspired to get dressed in the morning. I like to refer to this resolution as "cutting the fat" — if you get rid of the items you don't really like anymore or never wear, it will leave you with a strong base to work with, and items that you can easily see (and access) every morning. Clear closet, clear mind. Clothing literally falls down on me when I open my closet doors, so this resolution is priority one for me!

3 // OPT FOR QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. This one ties in with my other two resolutions, and will be the rule of thumb I follow as I shop throughout the year. If you opt for quality pieces over cheaply-made trend items, you're bound to have far less clutter in your freshly organized wardrobe (hurray!), and maybe even have sourced some of those quality pieces from a local boutique or designer — double win. Investment dressing always costs a little more upfront, but the long-term savings makes it oh-so worth it. For instance, I've had some of my favourite blazers in my wardrobe for five+ years, and they're still going strong.

There you have it, friends — let the shopping (and purging; and organizing) begin!