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Win a $1,000 Old Strathcona Shopping Spree with ETS and Eddy

Monday November 17 , 2014

Hi guys! Eddy here. 

I have been learning how to blog this year, but it is hard because these 'keyboards' are really small and not made for paws. I told the Old Strathcona people that Yetis only type on 'snow- boards', but what they gave me was totally wrong. So I am learning. There may be some mistrakes.

m just writing to tell you that I had a blast in Old Strathcona last year and so I am coming back this year. Thing is, though, it's a REALLY long walk from the Rockies and my feet are pretty sore. I wanted to go to a day spa and relax but... you know how it is... there isn't a decent fur curler anywhere and people keep trying to take pictures of you.

So, to give my poor Yeti feet a rest, I decided that this year... I'm taking the bus. I'll be riding around on ETS for the Christmas season to get to all my Old Strath destinations. Shopping in the daytime, and then letting out my inner (or is it outer?) foodie in the nighttime (even we Yetis love good food). I know ETS will get me to where I want to go no matter what the weather and roads are like (Don't laugh... even Yetis find Edmonton cold).

Anyway, if you happen to spot me on the bus, feel free to take a picture of me. I don't normally do this sort of thing--It's kind of against the Yeti code--but the Old Strathcona Business Association said they would give me and one lucky photographer a $1,000 shopping spree in Old Strath.  But don't show your photo to anyone else, please! Just send it to the Old Strathcona Instagram account, and maybe you and I will end up shopping together.

You might want to keep an eye out for sleigh shuttles through Old Strathcona too.  I heard ETS was giving out some free winter swag to anyone who rides. I wish they were giving out food. Nobody seems to make snowcones here in the winter. What's a Yeti supposed to eat?

Anyway, Happy Holidays, and see you all soon (altho you mite not c me... look, lrning to txt already!)




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Name : Mary
Commented On : Thursday November 20 , 2014

You should taylor your contests to include everyone! I am blind and can't participate in this contest.

Name : Old Strathcona Business Association
Commented On : Thursday November 20 , 2014

Thank you for your feedback - we do many different contests throughout the year utilizing many different ways to enter to try to accommodate the most amount of people. There will be other contests in the future that will be a simple enter to win, etc. For this contest, you'd be welcome to have someone post on your behalf. And we will keep this in mind for future contests - thanks again for letting us know.

Name : Ollie Kingston
Commented On : Friday December 19 , 2014

As a senior I so love the easy, efficient and driver friendly ride on ETS to magical Old Strathcona. I especially love the street ambiance of Old Strathcona making my both interesting and a unique experience. Thank you ETS. Keep up the good work! Happy holdays!

Name : Old Strathcona Business Association
Commented On : Friday December 19 , 2014

Thank you Ollie! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Name : Carol Patton
Commented On : Wednesday December 31 , 2014

I'm a senior citizen and can't afford a cell phone that takes/sends pictures. You have shut me out of your contest.

Name : Cheyenne Workman
Commented On : Tuesday January 06 , 2015

So who won?

Name : Old Strathcona Business Association
Commented On : Tuesday January 06 , 2015

Thanks to all who entered! We'll be announcing the winner this week!