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Danielle’s love for the internet is tied with her fondness for pretty dresses, blazers and her collection of lipstick. Her enthusiasm for etiquette books and proper manners has led her to form strong opinions about the use of soup spoons. Having grown up around home renovations, Danielle’s miscellaneous knowledge includes how to frame a basement and hang drywall.

She can be found writing about fashion and other things at, and you can usually find her at fashion events around the city. Follow her on twitter ( or instagram ( to get a glimpse into her wardrobe and other local adventures!

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Local Designers Shine at Western Canada Fashion Week

Thursday August 07 , 2014

Western Canada Fashion Week was established in 2005. Now the third largest fashion week in Canada, WCFW supports and promotes designers from western Canada. Developed around a mandate of building an industry, WCFW has provided a platform for local talent to build a career in the fashion and beauty industries. In addition to providing a platform for emerging and established designers to present their collections to potential buyers and clients, WCFW has helped build Edmonton’s, and the larger region’s, fashion industry from the ground up, giving a diverse team of volunteers the chance gain skills necessary for success in the industry, opening the doors to eager hair and makeup artists, and even showcasing local retailers has ensured that the local industry has grown simultaneously to support our talented designers.

Western Canada Fashion Week’s philosophy of developing an entire industry on the foundation of a supportive community has lead to the creation and success of programs like the Emerging Designer Contest. This program allows young designers to compete for WCFW runway showcase to present their collection the following season, complete with models, makeup and hair artists provided by WCFW, and prizes supplied by Maison Birks and MC College. Not all of the looks shown on this night are perfect and polished, but past winners of this competition, like Sid Neigum, Nicole Campre, and other rising stars in Canada’s blossoming fashion industry, have found success and notoriety coming out of their showcases.

By providing a supportive community, Western Canada Fashion Week has been able to provide a venue for talented artists in the fashion and beauty industry. In a time when many fashion weeks around the world are experiencing drastic change and instability, WCFW’s sustained growth has illustrated the power of community and building an industry from the ground up.

Experience Western Canada Fashion Week September 18-27, 2014 in the ATB Arts Barns and online at