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What’s more heavenly than great company, music and cake?

Saturday August 02 , 2014

2014 seems to be a big year for music anniversaries, most notably the 20 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. His death coincides with the same year as Nirvana being  inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In addition to Kurt’s death, the following albums turn the big two zero!
-          Smash - The Offspring
-          Dookie - Greenday
-          Jar of Flies - Alice in Chains
-          Superunknown - Soundgarden
-          The Blue Album - Weezer
-          Definetely Maybe - Oasis
-          MTV’s Unplugged – Nirvana
-          Throwing Copper – LIVE
-           Live Through This – Hole
-           Purple – Stone Temple Pilots
-           Cracked Rear View Mirror – Hootie and the Blowfish

I was just a cute little 7 year old kid back in 1994. 20 years ago, MTV still played music, rock music ruled the world and no body knew what autotune or dubstep was.   

Being a child of the 90’s, I grew up during the height of the “Grunge” song movement. I always hated the term. Grunge doesn’t really describe anything and lumping the big four grunge bands: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden together under one banner is a bit unfair as they each have their own distinguishable sound.

I hit up Whyte Ave a few weeks ago and visited Blackbyrd Myoozik to hit some nostalgic notes. Vinyl has made such a huge comeback in recent years. Those tiny little MP3's you buy off iTunes don't compare at all in sound quality compared to an old school record. Plus, there is a great feeling you get when you are going through record albums and you catch that one record that intrigues you with its cool artwork and song names. What a great way to discover new music!

Record stores are a great place to meet women. Why you ask? Because you already have an opener and share a common interest. Maybe it’s the record she is holding or the fact that you both are Vinyl people. Vinyl people speak a certain language only other Vinyl People can understand. Maybe ask her if she can speak Vinyl as a joke.

So what if you have a spouse already? If you’re both music aficionados, then a record store date is a great idea. Remember that scene from 500 Days of Summer where they go on a date to that cute record store?

My Wife loves Vinyl, but the needle on her record player stopped working. A great gift for her would be a new needle or record player. We could then plan a fun little date at the record store and find some records to buy.

You could even play a fun little game where you find records for each other that you may like. One of the best ways to do this is find out his or her favourite bands and do some Google searches of bands that have a similar sound and see if you can find their records in the store.  

Of course no walk on Whyte Avenue is complete without dessert. I have a sweet tooth and it most often than not gets the better of me. We live right next to a frozen yogurt shop so we were looking for something completely different on this day. We headed down to one of my favourite coffee shops, which is Block 1912 and finished off the day with a delicious piece of chocolate cake. What’s more heavenly than great company, music and cake?