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While Gillian is often described as clever, funny and creative; she’s just downright interesting. She’s got a degree in chemistry; is a certified hair stylist; and is a graphic designer in the exciting world of advertising. Follow Gillian on Twitter or send her an email.

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Saturday July 12 , 2014

Today, the sounds of Old Strathcona continues our series with Old Strathcona Business Association. As their website says, "Old Strathcona has everything you need with experiences for all five of your senses." If you missed it, read about all the things to feel and see.

Left: Blues on Whyte. Right: Pawn Shop (photo by amokphoto)

Left: Blues on Whyte. Right: Pawn Shop (photo by amokphoto)

Music is such an integral part of the culture in Old Strathcona. While you're walking from shop to shop, you can hear music floating out of store fronts, patios, and passing by cars. Buskers keep the energy up while you wait for cross lights. Besides actual songs, the experience of walking along Whyte Avenue wouldn't be the same without motorcycles and bike bells.

Original Yardbird Suite photos from their archives

Original Yardbird Suite photos from their archives

Make a point to see live music in Old Strathcona:

  • Yardbird SuiteCorner of 102 Street & 86 Avenue
    The go-to place for jazz since 1957! Yes, a whopping 57 years. You know it's good.
  • Pawn Shop - 10551 Whyte Avenue
    Whether it's banging your head to some metal or dancing the night away to Electro, The Pawn Shop has something for everyone.
  • Wunderbar - 8120-101 Street
    This tiny hole-in-the-wall bar can really pack a punch when it comes to live shows.
  • Blues on Whyte - 10329 Whyte Avenue
    A blues institution in the Commercial Hotel for forty years. 

Take music home with you from two of the greatest record stores in the city: