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Lindsay, Will Cook for Cocktails

I’m Lindsay, a paper pusher by day and a pretend chef by night. I have no formal training, I certainly never attended Le Cordon Bleu but I am passionate about serving up delicious (and sometimes healthy) eats for my amazing fiancé, family, and friends.

FOOD! Cooking food, eating food, talking about food, and rarely do I do any of those things without a cocktail in hand – thus Will Cook for Cocktails it is.

I’m a passionate Edmontonian and downtown dweller who loves to talk about this city and all the goings on in it.

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Dinner & A Show: Edmonton Streetcar Show & MEAT for Dinner

Thursday July 03 , 2014

Don’t you love when a casual weeknight evening turns into an amazing night full of unexpected fun? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t love that?!

Well that is exactly what happened to me one Thursday evening when I noticed that tickets were still available for the Edmonton Streetcar Show featuring the talents of Rapid Fire Theatre, Edmonton’s own incredible improv troop. The title of the event, “A Streetcar Named Rapid Fire” was enough to sell me on the $30 ticket so off we went to enjoy some improv atop the High Level Bridge.

We boarded streetcar #33, not sure what to expect but within minutes we were introduced to our Conductor for the evening who gave us a quick history lesson about streetcars in Edmonton as well as the Edmonton Radial Railway Society and before we knew it we were parked smack dab in the middle of the High Level Bridge, rush hour traffic speeding by below us!

For the remainder of the show we were treated to the improvisational talents of 6 Degrees of Science (featuring Joe Vanderhelm and Kory Mathewson), it was a truly hilarious and amazing experience! There are also some great musical acts scheduled to perform on the streetcar over the summer so check the website for details.

As soon as we hopped off the streetcar we realized that we were starving and bee lined it to MEAT (8216 104 St.) for some delicious BBQ. This was my first time at MEAT and I fell in love instantly with the space which is fresh and modern but still welcoming.

We were able to quickly snag a spot at the bar and order some drinks. This place is bourbon heaven, with 6 specialty bourbon cocktails and a list of bourbons that would make Sir Winston Churchill himself jealous. Then with eyes bigger than our stomachs, we ordered the Sampler Platter ($50) that comes with ‘a little bit of everything’ and sides of the Mac & Cheese (large $12), Creamed Corn (small $5), and Garlic Fries (small $5). 

Everything was delicious! The fan favorites at our table were the brisket and pulled pork but between 3 of us everything was devoured.

I especially love that the meat comes without any sauce on it but you are provided with 4 different types of house made BBQ sauces so you can spice it up however you like it.

I also have to give props to the side dishes at MEAT; this could easily be an overlooked area when the meat itself is the main focus (as per its namesake) but each side dish was absolutely perfect and paired well with the smoky, tender meat.

A great evening was topped off with slice of pecan pie (which was gobbled up so quickly I didn’t even have time to take a photo!) and some stretchy pants.

So go ahead and make Thursday the new Friday this week and head out for a date night full of magical streetcar entertainment and deliciously tempting MEAT.