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Vickie Laliotis, Adventures in Fashion

Vickie Laliotis writes Adventures in Fashion, a personal style and DIY blog established in 2009. It chronicles her love of fashion through daily outfit posts, editorials, theme weeks and DIY projects, with a focus on inspiring readers to have their own fashion adventures. Featured in Teen Vogue, Flare Magazine, FASHION Magazine and many more, Adventures in Fashion is one of Edmonton's first style blogs and has been named as one of Alberta's top 10 fashion blogs by FASHION Magazine.

When she's not blogging, Vickie works as a freelance fashion writer and Social Seen columnist at the Edmonton Journal, and holds a regular spot on Fresh FM's Fashion Fridays segment.

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Adventure in Fashion's DIY Lariat Necklace

Saturday June 21 , 2014

These days, it seems as though I'm all about easy DIYs that take no time to whip up... But can you really blame me? We're all busy people here, so the faster a project can get done, the more likely it actually will get done — know what I'm saying? So with that in mind, here's just about the quickest, easiest necklace you could ever hope to make... not to mention stylish, but looks aren't everything (wink wink). 



Start by measuring how long you would like your necklace to be, and remove any excess chain. I opted for some vintage chain that I removed from a long, thrifted necklace, but use whatever you prefer or have handy.

Using a jump ring, attach a clasp to one end of the chain, and use that to secure the necklace in place. Depending on your mood, you can switch up where you attach the clasp, allowing for various lengths... How's that for a versatile, no-fuss lariat?