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Kristin Ashmore, Alley Kat Brewery

As the longest running microbrewery in  Edmonton and the fourth oldest brewery in Alberta, our mission is to introduce beer lovers
 to beers that use the best quality local ingredients, brewed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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The Avenue Whyte IPA, from Alley Kat Brewery

Tuesday July 30 , 2013

When we release new additions to our Big Bottle Series we often hold naming contests. It's a chance for Alley Kat fans to win a prize pack and have their creativity forever etched in Alley Kat's history.  All Alley Kat fans have to go on is the style of beer.

For our latest Big Bottles Series release we gave Alley Kat fans the style: White India Pale Ale. We wanted a name that encapsulated the varying flavours present in the brew: Coriander, orange peel, hoppy-bitterness, and pineapple.

There were a lot of really great entries, but as soon as we saw The Avenue Whyte IPA we got really excited because the name pays homage to one of the best spots in Edmonton. Plus Whyte Ave is full of flavour!

The name Avenue Whyte IPA works on so many levels because, what do you think about when you think of Whyte Ave? You think of diversity. You see store fronts, restaurants, art and culture. You picture people up and down the street. You’re reminded of good times spent with friends and family.

That's exactly what we want people to think of when they taste The Avenue Whyte IPA, just as Whyte Avenue suggests diversity, this beer encompasses numerous flavours. We want to honour one of our city's most popular places while at the same time giving beer-lovers a brew that covers a lot of ground.

Technically speaking, The Avenue Whyte IPA is a dynamic hybrid, combining styles of the Belgian Wit (an unfiltered wheat ale) and an India Pale Ale. It appears cloudy and golden in colour with an alcohol by volume of 5.6%. But what really shines in this beer is the depth of flavour because, let's be honest, we couldn't honour a beer by naming it after Whyte Ave without it being pretty delicious! 

The Avenue Whyte IPA is available in Old Strathcona at:

Liquor Merchants 11148 82 Ave

Blue On Whyte Liquor 10058 82 Ave

Tops Liquor 7440 82 Ave