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Date Day! More great Old Strathcona date ideas from Edmonton Dating.

Thursday April 24 , 2014

So you’ve met this girl as you were chatting up the other day at the grocery store or at the gym or online. A big problem for a lot of guys is that they have no clue where to take her. You’ve really got to ask yourself when dating whether your first date locations in the past actually helped you secure a second date. If they haven’t, then why are you repeating the same mistakes of the past?

I always had my list of places I would take girls on dates. One of my favourite dates was The Billiard Club to play pool. Why pool? Because pool allows you to do several things you couldn’t do sitting in a dark movie theatre or having dinner together.

1)     Tease and act goofy with one another

2)     It’s a physical activity date that lets you see your date’s real personality

3)     Lets you escalate the attraction by actually getting physical whether it’s giving her high fives or teaching her how to properly shoot using a pool cue

4)     You can set a time limit for your date

5)     It’s fun

Now pool halls have come a long way from a few decades ago where the mere mention of them would conjure up images of dark, smoke filled buildings with a less than stellar ambiance. I still remember that episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Will and Carlton head to a pool hall and lose hundreds of dollars to hustlers who destroy them in a game of pool. Once they retreat home, they are scolded by Uncle Phil who lectures them about how nothing good goes on at a pool hall. Thankfully, in this day and age, pool halls are a pretty great place to hang out.

Ambience can have a major impact on the date. And the great thing about The Billiard Club is that in addition to pool, you can order snacks and drinks and sit on the sun soaked patio or even watch the game in the background. You essentially have so many different things going on around you, that there's something for everyone and there’s never a dull moment.

Now if you’re reading this and you’ve been dating a woman for a few weeks and only went out a few times, one of my favourite things to do was to combine several activities into one date. You could go play pool first, then head over to Chapters to walk through the store and get coffee from the second floor.

What I love about book stores is that you’re going to have plethora of things to talk about. Go to the travel section and start looking through books together and share your travel stories together. If you’ve read my past articles about story telling, you’ll know this is the right time to use those stories about your past travel experiences.

I’ve recently started getting into cooking at home a lot more. A guy can’t do much better than cooking for a woman. Take her over to the cooking books in Chapters and describe in vivid detail how you cook an amazing dish. You’re practically setting yourself up for a future date where you would cook for her. To take it one step further, literally set up a future date right there where you have a potluck at your place.

Regardless of what you chose, the key thing is to have fun on your dates! I wish everyone success in their dating adventures!