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Mike Hudema

Mike Hudema is a long time member of the Canadian progressive scene. He was part of a motley band of activists that took to the streets of Quebec City for the FTAA protests, slept on the steps of the legislature to protest rising tuition rates when he was President of the University of Alberta Students’ Union, and occupied Anne McLellan’s office to defeat Canada’s anti-terrorism legislation. In his spare time he used to co-host CJSR’s alternative news program Rise Up: Radio Free Edmonton and co-wrote books like the recently published “An Action a Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away”.

Mike worked in San Francisco for 3 years for the Peace and Human Right organization Global Exchange on a corporate campaign with the Ruckus Society and the Rainforest Action Network targeting the auto industry. He currently works for Greenpeace as the Climate and Energy Campaigner focusing on stopping the tar sands, the largest industrial project on the face of the planet and bringing about a green job future. He is also a climb trainer with the Ruckus Society.


Canoe Theatre Festival

Friday January 24 , 2014

Static Electricity

Last night I had the great pleasure of taking in Gerry Morita and Mile Zero Dance’s new work Static Electric, which debuts as part of Workshop West’s 2014 Canoe Festival.

Static Electric is an ambitious work that brings two dancers, together with a lighting designer, and a pianist. The work is completely improvised and each discipline must work and build from the other.

In the end it’s an incredible exploration of sight, sound and movement that journeys from airplane flights, to intimate portraits, to movement interpretations of some of the Oilers greatest moments.

The exploration is definitely worth the price of admission.

Here are some random pie charts about Static Electricity because, Hey! Who doesn’t like pie?

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