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Sleigh Ride Shuttle in Old Strathcona

Friday December 20 , 2013

Winter is always a difficult month for dating. Your energy levels are low, the days are shorter and you'd rather be indoors cozied up on the couch than doing an activity outside like in the summer months. It's difficult to come up with date ideas in the Winter, but what I always tell men is that some of the best dates are special events/activities going on in Edmonton. Whats even better, is doing an activity date that supports a great cause.

Walking on Whyte Ave on any given night, you can experience street performers, a funky bohemian spirit and charming old time architecture coupled with some of the best window shopping the City has to offer. Saturdays, leading up to Christmas, (1-5PM) you now have a new way go experience Whyte Ave. Each Saturday, two horse drawn sleighs travel around Old Strathcona and pick up people and drop them off at a number of points along the bustling avenue. Tickets are a steal! For adults, passes are $2.00 a piece while children are $1.00. On top of that, the money that you pay for the sleigh ride goes towards Parkinson Alberta.

This past Saturday, the Mrs and I boarded the sleigh because we wanted to experience Old Strathcona in a different way. One full loop around Old Strathcona takes approximately 45 minutes depending on traffic. Along the way you're greeted by friendly drivers waving at you and local business owners stepping aboard offering chocolate! On top of that, you may even bump into Santa Claus who strolls along Whyte Ave. Where does he find the time?:)

One of the best ways to approach this date is to first, dress warm! Secondly, make sure you bring a blanket and thirdly stop at a local coffee shop to get a warm drink. Before you even climb aboard the sleigh, you receive a swag pay containing great deals on Whyte Avenue and some other goodies! The sleigh ride seats a fairly large number of people so finding room shouldn't be a problem. There was a great cross section of Edmonton on the sleigh ride we took: parents, kids, older people and young adults. One of the best parts of the sleigh ride was riding down Calgary Trail and Whyte Ave and seeing both roads from a completely different perspective. It's rare that you just get to slow down and appreciate your surroundings.

Why dates like this are so great is because it takes a women back to her childhood when she would go on adventures with her parents or siblings. On top of that, these types of dates actually make it look like you put thought into your date ideas and are in tune with what is going on in Edmonton. Chances are, the girl you're dating will go and tell her friends you took her on a great romantic date on a sleigh ride. Remember guys, dates don't need to be extravagant or expensive, they need to be fun. 

Check out the last sleigh ride shuttle, this Saturday, December 21 from 1pm-5pm!