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Why Going to Old Strathcona is One of the Best Dates in the City

Tuesday October 15 , 2013

Trying to breath slowly with the butterflies flying around my stomach. "I've done it a million times" I tell myself! As I approach Block 1912 on a warm August day in 2012, I am reminded by the fact that even the best performers always get a little nervous before show time. I always thought if you've played thousands of gigs, you never get nervous, but there's always this element of stage fright right before the show begins. 

As I sit with legs crossed at a table near the entrance to Block 1912 I stare down at my watch, seeing the time 2:55. BING! I get a text on my phone "On My Way" says the girl I am about to go on a date with my Fiance for the first time. Every person coming through the door I carefully evaluate and ask myself "Is that her?" Then after several minutes a beautiful and vibrant red headed girl comes walking through the door wearing a white skirt and a black top. I immediately get up to greet her with a nice warm hug. 


This first date was during the same week as the Fringe Festival. We grabbed some ice cream from Block 1912 and started walking towards McIntyre Park to explore the festivities going on. There's always so many activities going on in Old Strathcona. Living near the area, I always make a point to read Avenue Magazine, Where Magazine, and Yelp to know exactly what's going on in my City. We live in a great City, but how can you really appreciate and experience everything it has to offer it if you don't know what's going on around you?

Whyte Ave is probably the most vibrant and colourful area in the City of Edmonton. There's so much to explore! Book stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and funky little niche shops.The one thing I always love to do is people watch. Whenever I am driving south on Calgary Trail and stop at the intersection with Whyte Ave, I always love people watching the people at the crosswalks. I always see groups of people laughing, couples holding hands and people enjoying the fresh air with a cup of coffee. . Whenever I'm stuck in my car at the intersection, I always think to myself  "Man that's some amazing energy. I wish I was walking on Whyte Ave instead of running errands in another part of the City". 


One of the most difficult things people struggle with on a date is how to keep the conversation going. With so many stores and Festivals going on around in Old Strathcona, there's never a dull moment. One of my favourite stores is Chapters. My Fiance and I went there on our first date. The great thing about Chapters is that there is so much to comment on. You can even play fun little games and challenge each other when you're in the bookstore. Tell each other to find 5 items (a few books and DVD's) that they would be  with you if you were deserted on an island. Go through them together, share some laughs and you're going to create a story book date. If you love music like I do, check out Blackbird records. I always love going into the store and looking for some bands that take me back to my childhood. Share your musical tastes with each other, turn each other onto music your date may not be familiar with. 

I'm sure that you'll have a great experience in Old Strathcona!  And I wish everyone success in their dating adventures.