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Allison Dragsten, Thrifted

Allison Dragsten is the creator and writer of Thrifted, a blog about thrift store finds and all things vintage. Thrifted also shares DIYs, recipes, and photos. Allison frequents the local Value Villages and Goodwills in search of vintage treasures and will be hosting vintage sales bi-annually. She is an avid collector of vintage Pyrex, Tupperware, and thermoses.

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No-Sew Samsonite Makeover

Wednesday October 02 , 2013

During my thrifting adventures I have come across many vintage hard-case suitcases. Although I love these suitcases the lining is usually not in the best of shape. Luckily I have a no-sew project that can quickly transform the interior of one of these cases.



  1. ½ a meter of fabric (I used cotton)
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Fusible interfacing
  4. Bias tape
  5. Spray mount
  6. Scissors
  7. Fabric glue (I used Gem-Tac)

Step One: Remove the original lining fabric. Start by pulling out the trim followed by the lining. It should come out fairly easily. I used a small putty knife to remove some foam that was stuck to the case. Using soap and hot water, scrub down the inside and outside of the case. The interior doesn’t need to be perfect since you will be covering it up shortly.

Step Two: Using the original lining as a template cut two pieces of your fabric of choice and two pieces of fusible interfacing to match. Next, you will need to iron the interfacing onto your fabric. Use your scissors round the corners of your two pieces of fabric.

Step Three: When spraying the inside of your case with spray glue you should be outside and wearing a mask or a respirator. Spray an even coating of the glue over the entire interior of the case (the black area in the case pictured). Carefully place your fabric in the case and press firmly to adhere. Allow to dry completely before the next step.

Step Four: Cut your bias tape to the length of the original trim. The tape I used was 1 inch wide. Fold the tape in half and iron to set the fold. Run a bead of fabric glue along the interior edge of your case and slowly attach the bias tape with the fold facing down. With my case I was able to tuck the bias tape into the metal trim. Once the glue is dry your case is finished!