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#ShopLocalGiveBack - Knifewear/Kent of Inglewood

Friday December 21 , 2018

Knifewear began a little over ten years ago in Calgary, as a way to support ex-chef (and owner) Kevin Kent’s love affair with Japanese knives. What started as a small project quickly grew into a large, successful one – with an unexpected request that sparked a brand new venture, Kent of Inglewood.

Knifewear is known for stocking knives made by talented Japanese blacksmiths, and one day a customer came in asking about the possibility of getting a straight razor from the same blacksmiths. Since the staff at Knifewear don’t like saying no, they set out to find a razor – but they obviously couldn’t just get the razor without a shaving brush, soap, aftershave, and all the trimmings! Once they started looking, they were hooked – and all of a sudden, there was a shaving corner in the back of the kitchen knife store.

When that took off, they purchased additional space to make Kent of Inglewood a reality. Kent of Inglewood is primarily stocked with men’s grooming equipment and accessories, but also a few axes, pocket knives, and other treasures. Kris Armitage, the manager of the Whyte Ave store describes it like this: “The kitchen is at Knifewear – but the bathroom and the backyard is at Kent of Inglewood. We’ll get you dirty and then we’ll get you clean. You can go out and play with an axe in your backyard, and then come in and wash your hands and sharpen up with our grooming accessories!”

They’ve expanded to Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver, with their eyes on continuing to expand in the future. The stores all carry the same quality products, but also share the same desire to give back to their communities. All stores have a sharpening service, with half of the proceeds going to support different causes in their area. In Edmonton, they donate half of the sharpening pot to the Centre for Autism Services Alberta, with a large portion of the donations going towards a youth camp program. They have different charities of choice in each city, but as a company, they’re proud to have donated over $100,000 this year!

Whether you’re a Japanese knife newbie, or a straight razor expert, there’s something for everyone in between on your list this year in-store. Want to learn more? Both stores offer classes to get you  familiarized to their wares! Check out any of their social channels or their website to keep up to date on what’s going on!


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