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It's Halloween in Old Strathcona!

Thursday October 26 , 2017

Whether you like getting scared out of your wits by engaging in some of the historical ghost tours that are offered (including one that takes you on a haunted pub crawl), catching a festive film or two or keeping it really family friendly at one of the many Halloween events geared towards your young ones, your favourite neighbourhood has you covered! We were so looking forward to everything going on this Halloweekend that we decided to share with you the events that we guarantee to be a ghoulishly grand time.

We decided to sit down with Katie from The Witchery Market, which is taking place this weekend at Masonic Hall. On Saturday, October 28 they are open from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm and on Sunday, October 29 they are open from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Q: What does Halloween mean to you?

For me it’s a time to honour the dead, that may seem a little bit dark. But I do think it’s an important time to acknowledge your ancestry.

Q: What can someone expect from your event?

There’s a big mix of everything; pagan elements, knitting, crystals, woodworking, Wiccan books, blacksmithing. Everyone can find something they like here.

Q: Who is your event targeted towards and how much does it cost to attend?

We started out as a very Edmonton Pagan Scene, but overall we cater to everyone now. We do at least two presentations each day and with those we try to keep them very open to be really inclusive of everyone regardless of their beliefs. Basically our event is targeted towards spiritual people of any type. It’s free of cost and the first five people through the door on Saturday get a free gift bag, and on Sunday the first nine people through the door get a free gift bag.

Q: Is there an overall theme to the market?

There’s not really a theme but it’s definitely witchy. Whatever each vendor brings usually ties into that current season. This February will be the second year of the market and we hold four a year. One in February, April, October and December but this is the first year that we will be doing it two days in a row.

Q: Did you work with any other local businesses when putting together the festival?

In terms of organizing we worked with Where Fairies Live and of course with Masonic Hall where the event is being held. We also worked with Bamboo Ballroom and Mars and Venus to put together the grab bags.

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