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Ever been to a fashion show before? Me neither!

Monday April 03 , 2017

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the 25th season of  Western Canada Fashion Week (WCFW) with my friend Aga, owner of Herbologie. I thought to myself, “yes, I will go to this and blog about all the fashion things!” only to realize, I know nothing about fashion. I love fashion, it’s the number one thing I pin on Pinterest which makes me basically a veteran in the Fashion World, right? I love Project Runway, especially the junior edition because it’s fun to see children cry work hard at something they truly love and talk about how they don’t know who David Bowie is.

So, I thought I would write about some tips about going to a fashion show!


1. Panic about what to wear.

Me: What are you wearing tonight?
Aga: I have no idea. Probably something fashionable but like I didn’t try.

Perfect. I will follow suit. Instead of planning days ahead like probably normal people, I decided to rip through my closet an hour before I had to be at the venue. Procrastination strikes again! I did, however, do my nails a full THREE hours before the event. And I painted them black because black is ALWAYS in style. This is a fact I know. This is the only fact I know.

Good thing I smudged the polish all around when I was trying on some outfits. What’s actually impressive is the fact that I only tried on two outfits before choosing the second one! Pat on the back for me.

WCFWThis’ll do.

Being that the show was located in the Old Strathcona district, I rocked some clothing I purchased in and around Old Strathcona.

Brown sweater cardigan thingy: La Vie Lente.
Stripe-y sailor dress: Bamboo Ballroom.
Necklace: The Plaid Giraffe.
Boots: Primark, London.
Bracelet: FabFitFun box o’ fun.

3/5 ain’t bad for shopping local.

2. Show up late.

I do not like being late. I emphatically hate being late to anything. But being beautiful when you have a derpy face takes time and effort. That lipstick isn’t going to apply itself. It’s also not going to apply itself when I have no idea how to apply lipstick. Does anyone else find they get more lipstick on their fingers than their damn lips? No? Just me then? Kay.

Thankfully, I live about a 7-minute walk away from the event which makes it definitely more sad and pathetic that I was a couple of minutes late. Doors were at 7:00, show at 8:00, I told Aga we should get there at 7:30. Thankfully, we both arrived almost at the same time. Only now I didn’t have to get money out for much-needed alcohol as Aga beat me to the machine.

Because I power walked for 5 minutes to get there, I was now sweaty. The result of working out continuously but never actually being in shape.

We walked around the lobby to check out a bunch of different vendors selling jewelry, lip product, Botox, and ties. One of the jewelry booths was Madame Nadine Jewelry who was going to be featured in the fashion show. Located out of Cold Lake, Alberta, Madame Nadine creates steampunk, Gothic, Victorian styled necklaces, bracelets, and body jewelry. Watching her collection walk down the runway, I was often thinking “damn…”

WCFWPhotography skills on point & blurry. I am the best blogger ever.

First dress: Elena V. Balueva
Second dress: Allisson Rch
Third dress: Noriko Hessmann
Dresses designed by Cassandra Newton

This was probably my favourite collection to walk down the runway, other than the very first collection we saw: Salt and Tickle.

3. When taking notes at WCFW, make sure they make sense.

Regardless of what I’m doing, I always sound the same. My blog bleeds how I speak, my words are the same as how I talk, and when I take notes? SAME THING.

Me: I brought my notebook with me, now I look like a legit…person.
Aga: Just take pictures, then you’ll have picture notes and won’t have to write.
Me: But I’m stupid and will forget everything even in picture form.



Here’s what I’m talking about: the gentlemen models of Salt and Tickle kicked the entire show off by walking out in what I assume were just suits. The first guy stopped, took his jacket off and showed us that the sleeves on his dress shirt were a different colour.

Each model came out sporting a different design/colour of shirt sleeves. They were VERY dapper looking. Check out the Salt and Tickle website, ya’ll. They are NOT expensive shirts AND MOST OF THEM HAVE MATCHING SOCKS. That needed to be yelled.

I wrote down a couple sleeve designs then started snapping some terrible pictures.
Here, check out some that don’t suck:

WCFW@saltandtickle, @michiimee, @fashionphotojnky

4. Perfect your poker face; be honest but not an asshole.

I don’t have one of those but if I could go back in time and learn one, that’d be great. There is always going to be fashion out there not everyone agrees with, not everyone likes. I’m sure there are people out there who wouldn’t be caught dead with bacon on their shirts, but there is no such thing as WRONG fashion. Some of my favourite fashion is haute couture because it’s absolutely insane;  a work of freaking art.

Like Bas Kosters!


Arc Street

Never change.

Being that I’m an honest blogger, I gotta write how I feel or what’s the point? So when the two other collections walked down the runway and neither were overly my jam, I had a lot of faces going on that could be turned into a meme if I were caught on camera. Thankfully, my face was usually covered by my phone. I have a lot of pictures, from every collection, of people in the crowd with meme faces.

It’s so hard not to wear my opinion all up on my face.

Here are some awesome looks from the remaining collections:



@h.n.h_photography, @bompanesbom, @fatima.kahedi

Venturist Commuter Wear


@chaninternationalagency, @power.physique, @fashionphotojnky

I had an awesome time at WCFW! I can’t wait to come back next year and hopefully have the chance to check out more than one night. That’s right future designers, you could have me review your collection! How lucky for you!