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Danielle is a design student and freelance writer; she is passionate about combining stories with beautiful design. Editor-in-Chief of the NAIT Nugget, she loves books, the internet, sharply tailored blazers, and Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night album. She has a huge lipstick collection and a drawer full of stationery for sending snail mail. Danielle is a stickler for fixing crooked paintings, using soup spoons, and is a fan of the Oxford comma.

You can learn more about her and her work at and you can often find her at fashion events around the city. Follow her on twitter ( or instagram ( to get a glimpse into her wardrobe and sketchbook or her most recent local adventures!

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Lucky Donkey - Edmonton's First Indoor Dog Park

Wednesday November 02 , 2016

“I like dogs more than people,” Gabriel Tay says with a chuckle as dogs scamper around Lucky Donkey, an indoor dog park.

Tay opened Lucky Donkey in April 2016 after years of envisioning a space for dogs to play safely. After working as a dog walker and sitter during university, she knew she loved dogs but opted to pursue a more traditional job in travel sales. But after 8 years in the industry, she was ready to return to furry coworkers. At first, Tay had wanted to start a doggy daycare, but as she developed her ideas, she realized she wanted something a little different.

Instead, Tay was thinking about her chihuahua, Donkey, and how Edmonton’s cold winters and dark nights made her wish for a safe indoor space she could take him to play off-leash without worrying about coyotes or the bitter cold. Finding and building the perfect space wasn’t easy, but now that it’s finally open, Tay couldn’t be happier.

Lucky Donkey is a welcome addition to Old Strathcona, offering both an indoor dog park and dog sitting options. It’s a fun space for dogs and their owners to socialize in a safe and comfortable area, plus the dog sitting services let you enjoy a worry-free shopping trip or dinner out. Tay says that she’s set up her services to fill those gaps - it’s “when people need me, but they just don’t know it yet!”

Tay’s built partnerships with Situation Brewery and El Cortez, offering two hours of dog sitting for the price of one so you can take your time enjoying drinks and a meal while your dog is having fun too. However, Lucky Donkey is there for more than an afternoon on Whyte. They’re open until 10pm to accommodate evening dog-sitting needs, which can be particularly helpful for dogs with separation anxiety or puppies who aren’t used to being home alone yet.

“I love this place,” Gabriel Tay says, looking around, “it makes me want to cry sometimes, I love it so much!” The open space is filled with artificial grass, toys, bridges and tires, comfortable seating for owners, and a giant red fire hydrant; it offers a warm respite for cold winter days and a cool escape on hot summer afternoons. Visiting dogs are can play to their heart’s content year-round!

All pictures courtesy of Lucky Donkey.  On top of watching your dog, Lucky Donkey is also known to capture some of those priceless puppy moments!

To learn more about Lucky Donkey, visit them online at!