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Who doesn't love cupcakes?

Monday September 26 , 2016

A Cupcake Haiku:

Yum! I love cupcakes!
All different kinds and size!
Get in my face, please.

Well, that was terrible.


So yeah, cupcakes are the cats meow. I could eat cupcakes every day, after every meal, as they are definitely my favourite of desserts. There just so happens to be a little cupcake shop across the street from where I live and it taunts me every day with it’s flashy open sign and teasing pink name: Flirt Cupcakes.


Accurate poster is accurate.

The shop itself is locally owned and has been operating for over 6 years. That’s a pretty big deal for a local business. I love going into the shop because it’s small and home-y and smells like somewhere I’d like to live as the kitchen is RIGHT there.

Cupcakes are made fresh every morning with as many local ingredients as possible, with 16 cupcake flavours to choose from with a monthly feature flavour. They also bake vegan, gluten free and sugar-free cupcakes, which I have been told more than once are top notch.

I got to sit down with one of the owners, Michelle LeMoignan, and chatted with her a little bit about the shop. I asked her how she decided one day to start a cupcake shop and she said it was terrifying. No kidding! She expected the opening day to be a nightmare but it turned out to be a wild success. Now that her cupcake shop has bloomed into extreme popularity, Flirt Cupcakes has been involved with Little Warriors, YESS, Make A Wish, The Fringe, Ice on Whyte, The Canadian Country Music Awards and Sonic Boom Festival.

No big deal, but this past weekend, my friend who works at Flirt Cupcakes, Stephanie Majeau, made some cupcakes for Blink 182 and Mark Hoppus posted a picture of them. The cake was made elsewhere.



Here I always thought my mom made the best cupcakes I’ve ever had but (sorry mom) she has been bumped into second place. I say this, without hyperbole, that Flirt Cupcakes are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. I want to cry when I eat them because I’m sad when it’s over. When I told Stephanie I was going to do a review of Flirt, she said she would make me a cupcake on the house. Woo hoo, gotta love free swag. Well, girlfriend went beyond what I expected and baked me up 6 different Doctor Who themed cupcakes.


True love.

I decided instead of shoving my face with all of these cupcakes, I would share them with friends and ask them to give me a review of their own. Because I’m so good at journalism and interviewing people, I asked Michelle which cupcake was her spirit animal to which she responded with Cookie Dough almost…too fast.

So I kept the Cookie Dough (the one with the star on it) one for myself, tried it immediately when I got home and have decided nothing more delicious will ever be consumed in my life. Thanks for ruining food for me, Flirt Cupcakes. I get it Michelle, I get why you answered my question practically before I even finished asking it.

Ya’ll need to get your hands on a Cookie Dough: vanilla cake, with cookie dough ball baked in, brown sugar buttercream, cupcake.


Graeme here is shoving his face with a Sweet Georgia Brown: cream cheese buttercream on cinnamon brown sugar cupcake. I asked him what he thought of it and he said, with his mouth full “NOM NOM NOM”. Thank you for your insight.

Yours truly is eating Birthday Cake: vanilla confetti cake with vanilla buttercream which was like eating something only unicorns eat. It was magical and nostalgic as it felt like I was eating my youth and enjoying it.


Juli here is eating a Heartbreaker: red velvet with cream cheese buttercream. The novel she wrote on this cupcake was “You know when you are having one of those days where you just need a hug and want to eat all the yummy desserts you can think of? Well on that said day, I had one of these cupcakes and it honestly only took one cupcake to flip my mood around. It was the perfect combination of flavour, moistness, and sweetness especially in the icing. When I chomped down on it, it was an instant smile on my face and in my tummy.

Rainette is making love to Cookies & Cream: chocolate cake with Oreo baked in, vanilla buttercream with Oreo crumbs. Her review, The cupcake itself is moist and the icing is delicious but not overly sweet. Everything including the surprise Oreo in the inside, blended well to create a delightful treat. I could have eaten a dozen of them, that’s how good they were.

The cupcake with the Tardis on it is The Flirt: chocolate cake, but also comes on vanilla cake, with chocolate buttercream, which I..also…ate and didn’t share…and it was phenomenal. If you’re a lover of chocolate, you need this cupcake in your life. It wasn’t rich, it wasn’t boring, it was legitimately perfect.


Flirt Cupcakes gets pretty dang busy in the summer what with weddings, baby showers, graduations, and office parties being a thing, so if you are looking for catering for one of the above, I would definitely recommend calling or booking on their website right this very second.

Seriously, right now.