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Responsible Hospitality Edmonton

Responsible Hospitality Edmonton is a policy and service-focused office within the City of Edmonton’s corporate structure. RHE is comprised of two sections: the Public Safety Compliance Team and the Street-as-a-Venue Program.

RHE’s work centres upon supporting the six core elements of hospitality destinations:

  • Entertainment
  • Multi-use sidewalks
  • Quality of life for residents, visitors, and businesses
  • Late-night transportation
  • Public Safety
  • Venue Safety

To do this, our three main areas of focus are:

  • Managing Whyte Avenue and Jasper Avenue hospitality destinations as venues through the Street-as-a-Venue program
  • Ensuring licensed venues know and comply with rules and standards meant to keep people safe through the Public Safety Compliance Team
  • City-wide work that supports the understanding of the late night economy and how it impacts services, procedures and/or policies
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Locally made video game illustrates jaywalking dangers

Friday September 06 , 2013

Responsible Hospitality Edmonton has developed a video game to remind young adults about the dangers of jaywalking, particularly at night.

The game, called J. Walker, appeals to an 18 to 24-year-old audience and will be rolled out in Edmonton's major hospitality zones, including Whyte Avenue here in Old Strathcona.

The game was developed on a similar platform to the video game Frogger, and follows Jay and Jane Walker as they try to jaywalk to the other side of the road. During their trek they encounter obstacles that people would normally experience in real life right here on Whyte Avenue, including cars, bicycles, ETS buses, and a patrolling police officer. If they are hit, messaging and statistics about jaywalking appear on the screen. If they make it across the road, a police officer hands them a $250 ticket.

The decision to focus on Whyte and Jasper Avenues came from pedestrian tracking on those streets as well as from anecdotal stories of near misses from police officers in those areas. The age group of 18 to 24 was chosen because they are the most frequent late night visitors to Jasper and Whyte Avenues.

"We want J. Walker to be a fun, interactive way for everyone to be reminded of the dangers of jaywalking – especially at night" said Angela Turner, Program Manager for Responsible Hospitality Edmonton, at the game's media launch. "We hope the game will remind pedestrians – in all neighbourhoods – to stop and think about the consequences of jaywalking. The fine is $250 so jaywalking can be painful on the body or on the wallet".

In 2012, police handed out 1,248 jaywalking tickets in the city. In that same year there were 76 accidents found to be caused by pedestrian error of which three were fatalities (City of Edmonton Office of Transportation).

J. Walker, which was created by Sticks and Stones Marketing for Responsible Hospitality Edmonton, will be delivered by street teams on Whyte and Jasper Avenues. It can be played on a custom arcade cabinet or online at

In the future, the cabinet with the J. Walker game will be left in supporting venues to continue to deliver the message about the dangers of jaywalking.

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