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Danielle is a design student and freelance writer; she is passionate about combining stories with beautiful design. Editor-in-Chief of the NAIT Nugget, she loves books, the internet, sharply tailored blazers, and Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night album. She has a huge lipstick collection and a drawer full of stationery for sending snail mail. Danielle is a stickler for fixing crooked paintings, using soup spoons, and is a fan of the Oxford comma.

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Even The Most Needle-Phobic Can Benefit At Sun Point Acupuncture

Thursday May 19 , 2016

Needles can be scary. Wendy Taylor and Kate Talbot of Sun Point Acupuncture are striving to make acupuncture a relaxing and positive experience for everyone, even the most needle-phobic. Their clinic, located a couple blocks off of Whyte Ave, is a cozy space and they’re both passionate about making their clients comfortable. Taylor says that sometimes you have to experience a treatment to really understand how relaxing and effective it can be but they understand that acupuncture can be nerve wracking for new clients; they take a slow approach with new clients and spend a lot of time on education.

Their table is a nice feature too; Taylor jokes that she thinks some of her clients visit “just to lie down on [her] table,” but who can blame them with the full-body heating pad, big soft Sherpa rug, and their special mineral lamp! She’s developed a laser protocol too; after recognizing how needles can be a significant barrier for many people, Taylor invested in a specialized laser that allows her to achieve many of the same results of traditional needle acupuncture which allows her clients to get comfortable with the treatment process before transitioning to needles. Generally people are quite surprised, she says, her conversion rate for clients transitioning from the laser to their super-fine needles is really high. They both point out that the needles used in acupuncture are very different from the needles used in vaccinations or blood tests, their sterile, single use needles are incredibly fine. Acupuncture shouldn’t be painful, Talbot says, and if there’s any unpleasant sensations, your acupuncturist should adjust the positioning of the needle. Many clients fall asleep mid-treatment, an added bonus of the stress-relieving properties of many acupuncture points.

Acupuncture is a valuable tool for treating a wide variety of issues from chronic pain to migraines, it’s even helpful in developing a stronger immune system or helping with an upset stomach! It’s an excellent way to manage chronic illnesses, particularly if you want to avoid managing them with pharmaceuticals, and it’s a great complement to western medicine. At Sun Point, acupuncture is typically paired with herbal treatments, increasing the efficacy of the treatment. Talbot describes them as a mated pair, the herbals supporting the body’s energy and having their own positive effects on the body while helping acupuncture treatments have the best effect possible. While she uses more western herbs in her blends, her practice has developed from Chinese medicine’s 2000 year-old tradition, particularly their diagnostic system and their approach to creating a treatment plan.

All of the herbal blends are custom-mixed for each client, Talbot says, “it’s unique to you and what you need.” While her focus has predominantly been in endocrine dysfunctions like fertility issues, menstrual dysfunctions, and hormone regulation, eastern medicine is a great compliment to the treatment clients might be receiving from a western medical practice. One example she gives is of a treatment of a dog bite; rather than changing or eliminating the antibiotics her client was taking, the topical salve she created acted as a local treatment but also increased the effect of the antibiotics by transporting more of the antibiotic to the infection.

Wendy and Kate take an incredibly holistic approach, both in their practice and to how it fits in with their clients’ existing health care. Taylor shares that when they were in university, they “were the ones wandering around with all the extra library books that they could take.” Their constant curiosity and avid learning has helped them develop a broad knowledge base and a successful practice.