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“Carolyn is a caustically funny, caps-loving gif machine with worryingly intense fan obsessions that will likely lead to a stress-induced early death.”

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Pasta Perfection at Chianti's Restaurant & Cafe

Thursday April 07 , 2016

You know what’s really good? Pasta. I could eat pasta every day. I created an entire album on Facebook dedicated to me eating my way through Italy when husband Graeme and I were there. My favourite pasta restaurant in Edmonton is located in the heart of Old Strathcona and is called Chianti Cafe & Restaurant. It’s also known as Chianti’s, and if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, I would suggest shoving your face full of their food.

Chianti's is located in the historic Post Office in Old Strathcona.

Immediately, I’m greeted by an adorable hostess who takes me to a table after I say I need a table for two. The manager asks who will be joining me and I say “Graeme…..he has a really big beard” to which he replies “Right. Graeme. Big beard.” Seriously, he’s hard to miss. When I sat down at the table, adorable hostess told me to have wonderful evening.

The best restaurants give you free bread. Anyone who serves me fresh, free, warm bread is a friend in me. A best friend, NAY, a bread friend. ……………..No? Fine. On Mondays and Tuesdays, $10.00 pasta and $3.00 starter salads exist and how can you pass that up when you’re like me and on a budget.

Graeme and I have been to Chianti’s about 400,000 times and most of the time, we order the same thing. Every once in a while, I will live dangerously and order something completely different. Tonight, we decided to stick to what we know is absolutely delicious and I ordered the penne alla pollo whilst Graeme ordered the trusty ol’ fettuccini chiante. The penne dish comes with has chicken breast, tomatoes, peas and garlic in a pesto sauce. The fettuccini dish comes with prosciutto ham, mushrooms and cheese sauce.

Because mushrooms are a clear sign of the illuminate, Graeme subbed them for asparagus. I tried to do the same with the tomatoes but our lovely server informed us that because the economy here has gone to shit, produce prices have sky rocketed and they could no longer substitute premium veggies without a cost. MAKES SENSE, FINE BY ME. So instead of the asparagus, we both just got some peas.


Please go eat here immediately. I haven’t had a garbage meal from Chianti’s ever and I’ve been coming here for infinity years. There are a LOT of items to choose from on the menu so I guarantee that you will find something you enjoy. Whole wheat, gluten free, half size, super sized, seafood, takeout, catering, and so much more are offered here. I have never seen this place empty, which to me is a sign of good food.


So, to sum up:

Me: I don’t understand why some people don’t like this place.
Graeme: They’re stupid.