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I came for my friends and stayed for the booze

Tuesday March 08 , 2016

Normally, Edmonton is freezing at this time. But thanks to my good pal El Nino, winter hasn’t been unbearable this year. I think the last time it was this nice out was in 1997 as I vaguely remember a brown Christmas. Because of how friggity cold it gets here, the city has come up with an initiative called WinterCity. And what happens when your city is cold 65143564 months of the year? WinterCity throws down some activities throughout the city in hopes that people remember what it’s like to have fun.

The WinterCity motto is “You can’t change winter, but you can change how you feel about it.” And it’s damn true.

One of the events WinterCity puts on is called the Winter Signature Drink Contest which anyone can enter. You come up with your own Concoction of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Yummyness to present in front of a group of judges. The winner of first place gets their drink to be declared as the Official Drink of Edmonton for the winter. Not too shabby.

It’s all fun and games but it’s also a great chance to receive awesome exposure for you, your brand and/or your drink, especially when you’re the bar manager of a new pub that’s opening up in April on Whyte Ave, which just so happens to be stumbling distance away from where I live. Hello Situation Brewing, I am ready for you to open.

I thought this was an awesome contest and actually thought of entering it. But then I realized I don’t know how to do anything remotely like making my own drink and would probably serve the judges a nice visit to the ER to get their stomachs pumped. Luckily for me, though, my fabulous friend Agnes and her boyfriendly assistant Will submitted two drinks and kicked some serious booty.

So instead of partaking in the actual event itself, I grabbed my friend Emily and we headed on down to support our friends and everyone else who entered. Okay fine, I also heard we would get to sample the drinks too.

The drinks Agnes entered:

Non Alcoholic Drink – Winter Ambrosia

Alcoholic Drink – Mulled Gold

Both of these drinks were amazing. I personally preferred the Winter Ambrosia (I know right? Me, ever the alcoholic) but it genuinely tasted like Agnes embodied the entirety of Winter in a drink. And topping it off with whip-y egg whites made it feel like it was totally fine that I ate 4 brownies earlier in the day.

The Mulled Gold, and along with all of the other contestants drinks, was like being punched in the face with tons of flavour and delicious alcohol. I absolutely hate mulled wine and I didn’t even think beer could be mulled, but here goes Agnes mulling things left right and centre.

The judges
The judges putting Winter Ambrosia all up in their grill.

After the judging was all said and done, second place was awarded first. Lo and behold, out of all the entries that went into the competition, Agnes won second place in BOTH categories like the boss she is.

First place in the alcoholic category went to A Sure Thing by Chuck Elves, who is the bar manager at Situation Brewing, which I mentioned above. According to my friend Emily, it was really good but “that whipped cream on top is everything.” 

First place in the non-alcoholic category went to an adorable family who made a drink called Winter’s Kiss that genuinely tasted like fresh out of the oven apple pie. It was to DIE and definitely well deserving of first place.

Overall, the event was a lot of fun and definitely a lot of work for everyone who entered. It’s inspired me to maybe try this out next year, or the year after that…or……I’ll be that person in the crowd yelling “I came here for the alcohol!”

Casual drinks
Double fisting is so 2015.