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Danielle is a design student and freelance writer; she is passionate about combining stories with beautiful design. Editor-in-Chief of the NAIT Nugget, she loves books, the internet, sharply tailored blazers, and Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night album. She has a huge lipstick collection and a drawer full of stationery for sending snail mail. Danielle is a stickler for fixing crooked paintings, using soup spoons, and is a fan of the Oxford comma.

You can learn more about her and her work at and you can often find her at fashion events around the city. Follow her on twitter ( or instagram ( to get a glimpse into her wardrobe and sketchbook or her most recent local adventures!

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Shop Spotlight: Kent of Inglewood

Wednesday March 02 , 2016

If you’re stopped in at Knifewear recently, you may have noticed that things are looking a little bit different these days. Earlier this fall, Kent of Inglewood expanded from a corner of the shop and has taken over the old Knifewear. Don’t fret; Knifewear has only moved over two doors!

Kent of Inglewood’s shop is a comfortable and inviting space with lots of character, from their axe wall to a classic glass counter and shelving displaying their vast selection of razors. They wanted to do retail differently, says Kris Armitage, and it shines through both in the carefully created store space and their customer care. They “want people to be engaged, you're not just coming to buy stuff, you're improving your life when you get your product at our store,” he says. Product knowledge is a key focus, you can easily find products online and order them but you lose the opportunity to hold the product and learn about it before buying. Armitage explains that although ordering things online can be convenient, it’s nice to “have someone explain how it works, why it works that way, and why it might be right for you - or why something else might be right for you - rather than experimenting on your own. We like to be experts in our field.”

Sometimes the old ways are better and when it comes to shaving with a straight razor, that seems to ring true. Many of Kent of Inglewood’s new clients come in saying their friend tried it or family member tried it and they said that it was the best shave they've ever had. The shop offers both a deep knowledge base about men’s grooming and a passion for carrying the best products available. They’re proud of the craftsmanship behind their products, from axes and knives to grooming products (and even cocktail gear), there’s a “certain romance to a lot of the products [they] sell, a lot of them are handmade.”

Men’s grooming doesn’t have to be overpriced razors in clamshell packaging, metal cans of aerosol shaving foam, or horrible scents masquerading as cologne; Kent of Inglewood offers products that bring back the care and enjoyment of shaving. “It becomes a ritual...i have a hot shave and a cocktail....there's less and less time to relax so why not find a little bit of peace in things you have to do anyway?”