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Annie Sure

Anastasia, or Annie, as people like to call her, is a formally educated, tri-lingual fashion and travel entheusiast. She has received a 2 year post secondary Business Diploma, and also took an additional year in University at the University of Lethbridge Edmonton Campus for Business Marketing. Additionally she is a certified personal trainer and a professional beauty expert. Annie considers herself to be a lifelong student; she loves educating herself and everyone around her. Her extensive travelling background includes various countries in Europe, Australia, all provinces in Canada and most of the United States. When Annie is not busy travelling the world with her husband, she is exploring her creative side and fulfilling her intelectual needs by blogging. Annie runs the travel and fashion blog, which is a perfect fit for her considering she was crowned 'Canada's Perfect Supermodel 2016' in Toronto this last August. She adores every minute of blogging as it expresses her artistic capabilities while allowing her to meet new people. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for her latest posts.

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Western Canada Fashion Week

Saturday February 13 , 2016

Edmonton born, Derek Jagodzinsky has a streamlined vision for comfort and innovation. Derek has created lines that exceed the expectations of most; they deliver clothing that is as jawdropping as it is usable. He creates a look that you didn't even know you wanted, but have to have.

Every now and then I come across a designer or event that I have to highlight, simply because of the unique qualities they bring. This time I so happened to have stumbled upon both in one. I'm talking about the Luxx Ready to Wear fashion show at Western Canada Fashion Week S/S 2016. 

The excitement that buzzed from the people around me as I arrived at the ATB Financial Arts Barnes thrusted me into an intoxicating creative high. The olive in the martini glass was knowing that as soon as we walk into the lobby of WCFW we would be peering into the exclusive minds of some of the most unique designers in Western Canada.

Located in the heart of the Strathcona theater district, the area was suiting for arts and fashion. I entered and was welcomed by courteous fashion hungry staff. Everybody was as kind as ever. The wine was pouring, the heels seemed limitless and I was home! I stood next to a beautiful display for Luxx ready to wear and mingled while enjoying a small cup of white wine. I was eager to watch the show as this was my first time arriving as a guest, as opposed to walking in the show. This production is something I've wanted to enjoy for a while, and simply enjoying it would turn out to be an understatement. I found my chair in the beautifully dimmed room as the lights were lowering and the ruffling slowed down. This was it. It was about to begin.

The lineup of the night was Suka Clothing (if you have a second please check out their Menace Beach die for), the environmentally ethical New Classic Studios, and finishing the night was Luxx ready to wear.

To explain how flawless and captivating the shows were, my date was my fashion-phobic husband and even he couldn't deny the incredible assembly of art before us. He loved it and would go again!

Western Canada Fashion Week is more than a show, it is an imaginative environment for the the fashion savvy public and creators alike. Check them out Thursday March 24 - Thursday March 31 2016.

Luxx Ready to Wear S/S 2016

005.jpg 006.jpg

016.jpg 011.jpg


001.jpg 017.jpg 003.jpg 007.jpg


009.jpg 008.jpg


Luxx Ready to Wear Photography: Bokehccino Project  / Hair: Western Canada Davines Session Team/ Hair: Fuss Hair Salon /   MUA: Sakura Spice Beauty Edmonton Makeup / Shoes: Aldo



Suka Clothing S/S 2016

001-Suka-WCFW_DSC3880.jpg 003-Suka-WCFW_DSC3887.jpg

010-Suka-WCFW_DSC3934.jpg 023-Suka-WCFW_DSC4038.jpg

Suka Clothing Photography: Hyko Ryll / Models: Mode Models / Hair: Fuss Hair Salon / MUA: Nicole Gavins & Alana Farrow

New Classic Studios S/S 2016

21048186194_e8fffa0a69_o.jpg 21644793876_53f343101f_o.jpg

21484024749_c9462139f9_o.jpg 21484031869_1391e4dc74_o.jpg

21659465312_c59726ded5_o.jpg 21670844855_cf43c8fa12_o.jpg


New Classic Studios Photography: Lindsay Thompson / Models: Mode Models / Hair & MUA: Carmen Li Makeup