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Old Strathcona Remembers: Op Legacy Enhance

Thursday February 04 , 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am but a simple soldier who seeks to see the memory and legacy of those who served remembered in the area so integral to that history. I may not be eloquent or administratively a genius but I know the area needs and should have a proper war memorial as this is where it all started for so many who did not make it home in the Boer War and WW1

Our organization is requesting funds to help us in our goal to relocate and enhance by way of developing an interpretive park around it a monument that we can seek Federal  recognition of as a certified Canadian war monument. This would be the only such monument in Old Strathcona and with reading boards around the monument would link the histories of the Connaught Armouries,  the Railhead of the early 1900s across from it and the park now known as Light Horse Park and Holy Trinity Anglican the units Regimental Church. This project would also recognize those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, the units that were involved as are now represented by The South Alberta  Light Horse the provinces oldest regiment and the rich history of Old Strathcona. The park where it will be located  8513 104St is where troops and their horses were marshaled and processed through the armories to embark for the battlefields of Europe from the railhead across the street now known as Gateway Blvd.  Completion date is designed to coincide with the centenary of the end of WW1 at which time we envision it being full readied for public use. We meet the Edmonton salutes mandate as this entire project is related to those who served and their legacies. Further it will allow people for generations to understand and recognize what the area of Old Strathcona went through sending its loved ones off to war.

This team came together in July of 2014 as a result of local interest in seeing community members drawn to the park in their area to remember amidst  local history for Nov 11th and to provide  the community with historical input to better understand what went on there. We have succeeded in goal one which was having the park named Light Horse Park, and now goal two is the relocation and enhancement of the  monument to protect it from vandalism and to design one worthy of official war memorial status so the peoples of Old Strathcona can be proud of those who served and gave their lives. 

If you would be interested in donating to the OSR Momument, you can do so c/o Holy Trinity Anglican with a notation of for Light Horse Park to ensure it goes into the right fund. Donations can also be made c/o of the South Alberta Light Horse Foundation as well again noting for Light Horse Park. 

If you have any comments or thoughts on this project, please feel free to leave your comments below.