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Ashley Bhatia

Ashley & Stephen Bhatia are Edmonton newly-weds! We wish them a fantastic future filled with lots of love!

All Photography by Tiffany Panas, Copyright Call It Love Photography

Couple's Wedding features a truly unique theme

Tuesday September 03 , 2013

Wedding planning pulls couples in all types of directions - spend here, buy this, don't do that, and don’t offend the mother of someone or the taste buds of everyone. 

The money we spent on our wedding was on things that were truly important to us.  We didn’t want a limo.  We wanted fresh flowers.  What about the theme…wait…a theme? Why do you even need a theme, we thought? The truth is, you don’t need a theme, but it helps tie things together and actually narrows in your focus on the rest of the planning.  So…a theme…but…what should it be?

Shortly thereafter we realized that Old Strathcona itself was the perfect wedding theme, and the rest of the planning took on a life of its own.  We used black and white images of Old Strathcona streetscapes for our invitations, party favor labels and thank you cards.  The cake was labeled with Old Strathcona in delicious buttercream. The tables at the reception were named (not numbered) after buildings, restaurants, pubs and festivals in the community.  Out-of-town guests were welcomed with out-of-town packages at their hotels to complete the theme.  The packages weren't expensive to make; they included the Old Strathcona Guide with a map of the area, suggestions of things to do, a homemade gift and a scavenger hunt.


The out-of-towner packages were a great token of our appreciation for our travelling guests that made the trip to be a part of our wedding (we all know how costly that can be) and allowed us to indirectly facilitate an activity that showcased our community and our favourite places.  It was perfect.  The scavenger hunt included questions such as; find an item for $2.99 from a Whyte Ave business and produce a receipt, produce a ticket from the Old Strathcona Streetcar and name all the ground floor businesses on the Whyte Ave building that showcases large scale murals on both sides.


We love our community and we love to share it with friends and family.  Old Strathcona is a wonderful place to live, to visit, and to enjoy.  It truly was the perfect wedding theme.  It represents us as a couple perfectly, and was something that our guests could embrace and quite literally, experience. 

Along the way we had wonderful advice, ideas and support from the amazing vendors that we had the pleasure of dealing with.


Cake: The Art of Cake (Gloria)

Floral: Mirage Designs (Lori)

Photographer: Call it Love Photography (Tiffany)

Photobooth: Your Photobooth (Andrew)

Venue: The Faculty Club at the University of Alberta (Peter, Lulu)

Hair/Make-Up: Ponytails and Horseshoes (Katharine and Team)

DJ: Baseline Event Services (Dan)