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“Carolyn is a caustically funny, caps-loving gif machine with worryingly intense fan obsessions that will likely lead to a stress-induced early death.”

– Jess Emsley

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Lady Dickson feature: Get Your Hair Did

Thursday January 28 , 2016

I love getting my hair done. And as someone who is not a fan of change, that probably seems weird. But it’s just hair and I love to change it up. So I’d like to take a minute, just sit right here and tell you all about how I love hair.

I’ve been going to a fabulous salon called Aveda, located on Whyte Ave, for almost 3 years. It’ll be 3 years in September. Don’t ask me how I remember this I’M JUST REALLY GOOD AT REMEMBERING DATES and think all my relationships are important. INCLUDING HAIRY ONES.

This is the tale of how I became Platinum Blonde.

First of all, I never planned on becoming platinum. I literally decided the morning of my appointment that I was going to go Hella Blonde. Which is how I described it to my hair stylist, Tara.

Me: I want to be hella blonde!

Well, you can’t just walk into the salon and demand platinum blonde hair, you monster. Tara brought over her partner in crime, Tina, and said hair words I didn’t understand. It’s like another language. In the end, they apologetically told me it couldn’t be done as I didn’t have enough time allotted for the appointment. I don’t know about you guys, but I call THIS customer services.


Yeah, I could have been doing something else (Netflix) but the fact that Tara didn’t want to rush through it and Tina backed her up on that, is top notch service. So instead, I got my hair cut and went home.

When I came back a week later, platinum blonde we went.


Last night, I went in for my third appointment of Platinumness to get my roots un-rooted. Tara informed me that she would be making the yellow disappear. Sure thang, boss. I was definitely fine with the yellow tinge but PERFECTIONISTS GONNA PERFECTIONATE.

Because I’ve ALWAYS worked in customer services, I am constantly judging how shitty or awesome the service is when I walk in somewhere. Doesn’t matter where I am, I cannot help it. But I’m also chill enough that if someone is having an off day, I’m not going to lose my damn mind about it. No one is perfect, people. Ease on up.

When I walk into the salon, I’m immediately greeted by the super nice and friendly receptionists. Because it was raining last night (what’s up Edmonton, are you drunk), we chatted about how garbage the weather is. She asks me if I wanted to warm up with a tea or coffee or anything else. Before I even get the opportunity to sit down and wait for my appointment, Tara is practically sprinting down the hall all “HAAAAIII GURRRL” and we get right into it.

Draco called, he wants his hair back.

While she’s doing my hair, we chat about All The Things and it’s honestly so great having someone remember all the crap you tell them every time you see them. She will bring up topics we covered last time and ask how said topics have been going. We talk about how she still hasn’t changed her hair up since I met her. We talk about how awesome Tina’s wedding is going to be. We talk about it all. But of course, the conversation slowly dwindles down because we’re both in the zone.

I love having my hair being played with so I just sit there with my eyes closed. I am milk bones away from Tara saying “who’s a good girl, whooo’s a good giiiirl” as I am pretty much part dog.

When all things are said and done, I am even MOAR platinum now.


I’ve read stories about how going Platinum costs more than a weeks paycheque, and I guess that’s probably true depending on what salon you go to. But Aveda has amazing prices for all their work and it won’t break the bank. And let’s be real, Aveda products are TOPS. They smell good, they feel good, and they work. I guarantee you will receive amazing hair if you go with Tara. And I’ve heard nothing but fabulous things about Tina. But I bet you could request anyone at Aveda and they will make you look fabulous.BeFunky Collage                                                                            Tara / Tina
I can’t recommend Aveda enough, homies.