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Varsha Salvi, Design For Soul

My name is Varsha Salvi and I'm a designer and creator of DESIGNFORSOUL.COM, a lifestyle blog. It's my corner of the internet where I share my DIY projects, styling projects, artwork, recipes, and a creative collective of my inspirations and ideas around design.

I am also a self-taught artist and you can find my paintings on my website and in some stores and café’s here in Edmonton.
Apart from blogging and painting, I also work in art direction and photography.





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Shop Spotlight: Lucid Lifestyle

Sunday January 17 , 2016

If you are shopping for yourself or even searching for gifts for friends and family throughout the year, this is one spot you should definitely check out.

Lucid Lifestyle is a charming little clothing store on Whyte Avenue located in the Old Strathcona district in Edmonton. I love how the collection is eclectic, light hearted, stylish and contemporary.   

All kinds of styles are available at the store including smart work wear to outfits for a fun night out with friends, casual looks for a weekend brunch or a picnic with friends. There are tons of pieces, which you mix and match.


I love the winter clothing collection too. Bright colors, great fit and good quality material are a few things that attracted me to this place.

Along with some cool accessories like bags and jewelry, they even carry athletic sports wear. You should definitely checkout the ‘Yoga Pants’. They are comfortable and you can literally wear them to the gym straight from work.  


This is a store that also carries sustainable clothing collection. 



Model: Katryna Rae ( Boots & Cats )

Photography & Styling: Varsha Salvi ( )