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Danielle’s love for the internet is tied with her fondness for pretty dresses, blazers and her collection of lipstick. Her enthusiasm for etiquette books and proper manners has led her to form strong opinions about the use of soup spoons. Having grown up around home renovations, Danielle’s miscellaneous knowledge includes how to frame a basement and hang drywall.

She can be found writing about fashion and other things at, and you can usually find her at fashion events around the city. Follow her on twitter ( or instagram ( to get a glimpse into her wardrobe and other local adventures!

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Shop Spotlight: El Cortez

Wednesday January 13 , 2016

El Cortez has been adding some lively flavor to Whyte Ave for over a year now, offering a great mix of tacos, tequila, and live music! Committed to supporting the local community, they’re passionate about creating a unique place for events and crafting delicious Mexicali food and craft cocktails.

They’ve recently started offering lunch service on Saturdays, making it a great spot to stop before or after a stop at Old Strathcona’s beloved Farmers’ Market (minors are allowed in the restaurant until 9PM). Beginning November 30, they’ll be opening on Monday nights for Margarita Monday, El Cortez-style! With plans for great specials and a fun beach vibe, they’re hoping to offer Edmontonians a fun weekly respite from winter.

Whether you’re having a family-friendly Saturday visit or you’re coming for one of their amazing Friday or Saturday nights, El Cortez strives to provide an experience that caters to all of your senses! You can catch their regular DJs on the weekend for a great night out or take advantage of their unique venue and catch live music and surprise concerts.

They will be releasing a new menu for the winter season with some new items and refinements on some favourite items, it promises to be great. They highly recommend trying the Snapper Ceviche with Serrano, lime, tomato, olive and red onion jicama or one of the new taco offerings, such as a Habenero Grilled Mahi Mahi and Coconut Shrimp taco and a “Red Neck” taco, their take on the classic Americana taco. Still not convinced? They also have a new guacamole trio that includes spicy berry, shrimp and bacon.

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