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Gillian Thomson is a marketer by day and a freelance writer and designer by night. She is a creative mind with a strangely mixed background in science, hairstyling, graphic design and writing. Since 2011, she has been writing about interesting people, places, and things in Edmonton through local websites and magazines. Her favourite stops in Old Strathcona are Vivid Print and the High Level Streetcar.

Shop Spotlight: Top 5 Little Known Famoso Facts

Tuesday January 05 , 2016

If you’re already familiar with Famoso, you know that their restaurants are casual and friendly, their thin crust Neapolitan pizzas are delicious and your visits are best ended with gelato. If you are new to Famoso, the Whyte Avenue location is a great place to start–they’re open late (til midnight on Friday and Saturday, til 11pm other nights), located right in the heart of Whyte Ave action, and their quick service allows you to have a sit-down dinner experience with time to make it to the next event.

Did you know that Famoso is coming up on their 4th year on Whyte Avenue? Many are still discovering this location for the first time. There’s actually a lot that people don’t realize about Famoso, so here’s a list of the 5 most interesting things about Famoso Whyte Avenue:

1. That’s a pizza oven!

The authentic Italian bell pizza oven cooks their hand-stretched pizzas at 900F in 90 seconds flat. Pizza slides in and then the oven spins it around the open flames for 90 seconds, leaving it perfectly soft and crispy. The kitchen is open for all to watch as the pizzas are freshly made and baked the oven.

2. Picky about your food? They’ve got you covered.

Famoso is one of those places you can take your friends with dietary restrictions. They have gluten free crust and pasta available, as well as dairy-free cheese! Many pizzas are vegetarian or can easily become meat-free. If allergies make you shy away from eating out, they prepare their pizzas fresh when you order and can clean the prep station completely before preparing your pizza. They take intolerances and allergies very seriously and want everyone to be able to enjoy Famoso!

3. When they say they are family friendly, they mean it.

Famoso has one-upped the crayons and place mats. If you ask for kids’ dough, they’ll bring pizza dough to the table and show your kids how to stretch out their own pizzas. And when kids want to watch what’s going on in the kitchen, the chefs will be sure to step up the dough tossing game and make it a memorable night for the kids. And, of course, they have a kids’ menu!

4. Seasonal menu changes = new favourites

They like to keep things fresh and interesting. In the spring, the drinks menu gets an overhaul with new wine choices and specialty cocktails. In the fall, they introduce two new pizzas for you to fall in love with. Yes, sometimes this means taking away old favourites, but past hits have been known to make a comeback after popular demand. 

5. Main pizza ingredients come straight from Italy.

The flour is key for their soft yet crispy thin crust, and there is no better option for this than OO Caputo flour straight from Italy. It has a low amount of high quality gluten so you don’t feel too stuffed after eating. Tomatoes grown in the Campania region of Southern Italy make their way directly to the restaurant to be used in their house-made sauces. 

Famoso recently made the switch from casual service at a main counter to full table service. Servers help you navigate the menu and order everything through a handy ipad right at your table.

So there you have it, a reason or two to make Famoso a stop on your next visit to Old Strathcona.