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Whyte Wishes in Old Strathcona

Thursday November 12 , 2015

Whyte Wishes come true in Old Strathcona! From November 16-December 15 we were granting #WhyteWishes from Old Strathcona businesses!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Check out all of the granted wishes below and check out #WhyteWishes on Twitter and Instagram to discover an awesome gift guide featuring so many Old Strathcona businesses.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Check out the clip from CTV Edmonton regarding #WhyteWishes by CLICKING HERE.

November 16 - #WhyteWishes Day 1 Winner:
Instagram user, @crazycanonmom wished for this beautiful moose ornament from The Wish List Gifts.

November 17 - #WhyteWishes Day 2 Winner:
Twitter user Crystal D wished for necklaces from La Vie Lente.

November 18 - #WhyteWishes Day 3 Winner:
On Instagram Daina W wished for this beautiful cardigan from Original Apparel. It is all kinds of cozy!

November 19 - #WhyteWishes Day 4 Winner:
Instagram winner Eira wished for this Little Charming Hand from The Paint Spot! Think like an Elf, Make it Yourself! 


November 20 - #WhyteWishes Day 5 Winner:
Twitter winner Rachel wished for a new costume from School of Raq.

November 21 - #WhyteWishes Day 6 Winner:
Skakes on Instagram wished for the Timeline Challenge Game from the Hexagon Board Game Cafe.

November 22 - #WhyteWishes Day 7 Winner:
On Instagram, Ashley wished for Chaga from Glow Juicery. Glow Juicery also threw in a $10 Gift Card so that Ashley could pick up a juice the next time she's in!

November 23 - #WhyteWishes Day 8 Winner:
Randy sent in his wish on Twitter and wished for Totoro from Warp One Comics for his wife!

November 24 - #WhyteWishes Day 9 Winner:
Today's winner, dedance1 on Instagram, wished for this beautiful plate from Ten Thousand Villages. Our incredible local TTV also threw in some amazing chocolate for our winner!

November 25 - #WhyteWishes Day 10 Winner:
Twitter user Laura wishes for no stress this holiday season and we are granting her wish for a one hour massage at Healing Waters Spa!

November 26 - #WhyteWishes Day 11 Winner:
On Instagram Cosette showed off her style when she wished for this beautiful Matt and Nat backpack from The Plaid Giraffe.

November 27 - #WhyteWishes Day 12 Winner:
Today's #WhyteWishes winner from Instagram is totally New Year's Eve ready with this stunning romper from The Bamboo Ballroom!

November 28 - #WhyteWishes Day 13 Winner:
Valerie is going to be stylish all winter long with this beautiful red hat from the avenue clothing co.

November 29 - #WhyteWishes Day 14 Winner:
Glenn on Twitter will be rocking out with this ukulele from Lillo's Music! (we swear it's a ukulele - Eddy's just so small he makes it look like a guitar!).

November 20 - #WhyteWishes Day 15 Winner:
Cozy! That's how we would describe this onesie from Roots for our #WhyteWishes winner from Twitter!

December 1 - #WhyteWishes Day 16 Winner:
As we start December we're excited to partner with Blush Lane Organic Market for this stunning wood eco diffuser for Hailey!

December 2 - #WhyteWishes Day 17 Winner:
Great food awaits today's winner as he's receiving a $50 Next Act Pub gift card plus their awesome hat!

December 3 - #WhyteWishes Day 18 Winner:
Tea for two with today's #WhyteWishes winner! Courtney is taking home this fun tea pot that she wished for from When Pigs Fly!

December 4 - #WhyteWishes Day 19 Winner:
Kathryn will be feeling and smelling amazing with this #WhyteWishes win, a package from Wild Prairie Soap Company!

December 5 - #WhyteWishes Day 20 Winner:
Today's #WhyteWishes winner, Sweet Ginger, really IS sweet with her new cupcake purse from Rowena!

December 6 - #WhyteWishes Day 21 Winner:
Tea for two for today's #WhyteWishes winner with this awesome set plus Christmas teas from Cally's Teas!

December 7 - #WhyteWishes Day 22 Winner:
#WhyteWishes winner Stephanie will be the best Aunt to her niece and nephew with this Let's Decorate a House from Chicken Scratch!

December 8 - #WhyteWishes Day 23 Winner:
This Baker's Delight Spice Set from The Silk Road Spice Merchant will have today's #WhyteWishes winner baking up a storm!

December 9 - #WhyteWishes Day 24 Winner:
Christine is going to love quality time at Remedy Cafe as today's #WhyteWishes winner of a Remedy Gift Card and prize pack!

December 10 - #WhyteWishes Day 25 Winner:
How stylish is Nicholas going to be in this beautiful cardigan from Frank and Oak!?

December 11 - #WhyteWishes Day 26 Winner:
Congratulations to Mark who's taking home these beautiful birch trees from Laurel's on Whyte for his Mother in Law!

December 12 - #WhyteWishes Day 27 Winner:
Congratulations to Colin who is getting the roast beef he requested as his #WhyteWishes from The Keg.

December 13 - #WhyteWishes Day 28 Winner:
Katie from Twitter is totally styling with her #WhyteWishes boots from Nu2You Fashion!

December 14 - #WhyteWishes Day 29 Winner:
Ashley was so excited for her pebble tea set that she has already come in the pick it up! Check out her #WhyteWishes from DAVIDsTEA!

December 15 - #WhyteWishes Day 30 Winner:
Congratulations to today's (and our final) ‪#‎WhyteWishes‬ winner, Cindy, who is taking home this knife holder from Knifewear. Eddy doesn't have any knives so for right now it's holding his change (*change not included lol).